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Chris Shields
Hey there, I’m Chris! I’m finally a senior here at HHS and I’m pretty stoked to be Head Editor of the Nugget Newspaper this year! I’m a musician, as you may already know, and do a ton of stuff in the local music scene. I’m a vocalist and a bassist and play in a couple of local bands: Plants For Sale and All Bets Are Off. I also play tenor sax in the HHS Jazz Band and Wind Symphony. I love playing gigs and jamming with friends, so I’m a happy dude. I enjoy a broad spectrum of music from classic rock to funk and soul, all the way to downright bizarre, rip your hair out experimental. I also love cinema (Ghostbusters ‘84 is the greatest film of all time, don’t try me) and generally just having fun in life! 

After taking journalism sophomore year and ruling as the newspaper king all year last year, I’ve worked my way up to editor status! I love writing articles and reading what the other newspaper homies have written because journalism is a super fun way to express ourselves. This year you can follow the developments of my personal breakfast cereal review/discussion column titled Chris’s Cereal Column (CCC) as well as my school-related work.  

I’m not sure what the future holds or exactly what my plans are for after school just yet, but I’d love to pursue either music, journalism, or both. And like I always say, if worst comes to worst, there’s always the hobo life. 

Chris Shields, Head Editor

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