Transportation: Trials, Troubles, and Tribulations


Chris Shields, Head Editor

In keeping with the theme of screwed up school schedules, the Helena School District bus systems have altered their procedures and schedules to adapt to the funky situations we’re in. For kids who have issues finding transportation to and from school for one reason or another, taking the bus is often the only option.  

One obvious change is the mandatory wearing of a protective facial mask. Posters have also been applied to the bus’s interiors indicating a cloth face mask covering the entirety of ones’ face is crucial. Policies have been implemented treating drastic measures including possible suspension will result from lack of rule compliance. 

Bus transportation schedules reflect Helena High’s new school schedule as well. Buses pick up kids later than they used to in the mornings and earlier in the afternoons. Normal routes have changed and buses now in different locations than before. 

Riders must also sit one to a seat, on the window-side seat, and are encouraged to space out seats between other riders. In addition to all the other things bus drivers monitor, they have the added responsibility to monitor compliance to the new rules.  

It also seems as though the number of regular riders has dramatically decreased. Where buses used to be near full capacity with every trip, some now only contain a few kids. The number of riders may have dwindled due to DLI students, but regardless of the reason, the smaller numbers help everyone follow safety protocols. 

Should things revert to a normal state, buses may be able to follow suit, but for the near future, we’re left memorizing yet another checklist of precautions we must take to ensure everyone’s safety.  

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