A Different Experience




Chris Shields, Head Editor

With a choice to stay home and safe available for all kids at Helena High, many have opted to make the transition to full-time DLI learning at some point. This still requires the same amount of work and participation as A day and B day students, but without the requirement of two in-person days a week. As Covid-19 cases continues to climb in the state, this decision is understandable. 

While staying home may be a safer option, some kids live for the two days of in-person learning for human interaction and a somewhat normal school experience and environment. A staff shortage in the district has landed Helena high schoolers at home for the next week, so now we are experiencing what a DLI learner experiences. 

Some may dread this time since they’re missing out on the face-to-face experience they cling to, while others who would rather not have to leave home find themselves enjoying a much more mellow and focused learning environment at home. 

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall on, this is a valuable experience that could lead to more students considering joining DLI. For current DLI students, this isn’t much of an adjustment except that they have one extra day of virtual meetings. Perhaps this is more enjoyable for them because for the first time all school year, they’re “in the same boat” as everyone eles in learning completely remotely. 

Whether it helps students make a new decision or just appreciate the hybrid learning environment we have enjoyed up to now, we should try to develop a positive mindset during these uncertain times and value every situation we find ourselves in.  

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