The Nugget

2018-2019 Staff

Mia Tocas

Head Writer

Milagro Jane Tocas is a mathematician from Peru who gets an A+ on all her tests. She spends her free time listening to Indie music and classic funk and soul. Her favorite artists include Prince, Al Green, Sheila E....

Zoey Rogers

Head Writer

I am a senior at Helena High School and an avid longboarder and car enthusiast. I am a very passionate person and plan to pursue a career in photojournalism. I enjoy photography, writing, and club reporting. I live my life with ...

John Orzechowski

Head Writer

Hello readers of this site, I’m John Orzechowski and I’m a senior here. It’s my second year in newspaper class even though I took journalism as a sophomore. I love newspaper class because it’s super chill so kids shou...

Melina Scott


Hi! My name’s Melina Scott and I’m the editor of the Nugget Newspaper. I’ve been in newspaper for two years now, and I enjoy what we do here to promote our school's events and excellence. Inside school I’m most involv...

Zane Roush

Head Writer

My name is Zane Roush. I am a senior at The Helena High School. I enjoy skiing, climbing, and the outdoors. I am the captain of the cross country team and a participant on the track team. I like writing about the outdoors and ...

Connor Casne-Jones

Head Writer

My name is Connor Casne-Jones. My youngest brother has Crones. I was born in San Diego. My dance moves are anything but Fuego I am a Junior at Helena High.  If I said I liked school that would be a lie Ms. Walsh is pret...

Marcus Roberts

Head Writer

Marcus Christopher Roberts is a 17-year-old senior at Helena High School and has the biggest heart in the whole wide world. This is his second year in newspaper. He is involved in many sports including hockey, Jiu Jitzu, go...

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