The Nugget

2019-2020 Staff

Camryn Nepine


Hello, I’m Camryn! I’m a senior at Helena High. I joined Newspaper because I am hoping to improve my writing skills and enjoy a laid back elective for my last semester of high school. A few of my hobbies include binge wat...

Carmen Porter


My name is Carmen Porter. I am finally a senior; it took 12 long years! I hope my last year in high school is going to be a nice, easy and fun year.  I am taking eight classes this year, one of which is Newspaper. I decided to...

Spencer Nelson


My name is Spencer Nelson, and I am a junior at Helena High School. I've been interested in journalism ever since I started to do it in my own free time. Well, it wasn't really journalism; I was just keeping stats for batters...

Rachel Kuntz


My name is Rachel Kuntz and I am a senior. Class of 2020! I am in Newspaper because it seems interesting and I want to try something new. I like to do crafty things and art. For example, I enjoy painting, drawing, and even coloring...

Maya Barany


Hi. This is a very one-sided conversation. I'm writing and someone out there could be reading. Welcome to my Ted Talk. My name is Maya Barany. I'm a sophomore and my hobbies include reading pirated books, ice skating, and staring...

Chris Shields


Hey, I'm Chris! I'm a junior at Helena High. I'm in Symphonic Winds, Jazz band, and Wind Symphony; I also participate in most pep band events. If you're enrolled in the band program, chances are you know who I am, or at least...

Connor Casne-Jones

Writer & Former Editor

My name is Connor Casne-Jones. My youngest brother has Crones. I was born in San Diego. When I was younger I played with Lego. I'm head editor this year. In my writers I inspire fear. I rule with an iron fist. That's r...

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