The Nugget

2017-2018 Staff

Katie Huntley

Head Writer

My name is Katie Huntley, and I am 17 years old. I was born on August 31st, 2000, in Butte, Montana. I have hazel eyes, and long, brown hair. I’m currently a senior at Helena High School. Growing up I became very involved in gymnast...

Connor Casne-Jones

Head Writer

My name is Connor Casne-Jones. I was born in San Diego, California, August 30, 2001. I am a sophomore at Helena high. I am taking journalism because I want to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. I like most sports, but I'm not...

Sarah Mull


Hello my name is Sarah Mull. (I am currently a junior/senior at Helena High school) as I am graduating early. I have always been interested in what goes on in the world. Joining Journalism gives me the opportunity to learn mor...

Emma Hoover


My name is Emma Hoover. I was born here in Helena and have lived here all my life. I have two brothers, one is a junior in high school and the other is my fraternal twin. I am a freshman. I’m a very loud and outgoing person...

Liam Straw-McQuire


Hi, I’m Liam. I'm 18 and a senior who goes to Helena High. I participate in Speech and Debate; my favorite debate event is Legislative Debate. I don’t remember signing up for this class but it seems that I’ll be spendin...

Trey Tintinger


Hey, my name is Trey Tintinger. I am a sophomore at Helena High. I have a world record in high jump at 7’½ inches. I like to hang out with my friends and play video games. I am a savage if you don’t know what savage means ...

Raegann Ballard


My name is Raegann Ballard. I was born Sept. 5, 2002 in Helena, MT. (I am currently 15 years old and am a sophomore at HHS.) I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. Along with writing, I also enjoy dance and spending time with friends ...

Becky deMontigny

Head Writer

I like cows, do you like cows? My name is Becky deMontigny (duh-mont-nee). This is my first year on The Nugget staff, and I hope to return next year as well. I knew I first had a love for writing when in 5th grade I was assigned...

Melina Scott

Head Writer

Hello fellow peeps! My name is Melina Scott, and I’m a Junior at our wonderful Helena High School. I joined newspaper for numerous reasons, one of which being that I like all kinds of writing, including journalism. I also enjoy...

Marcus Roberts

Head Writer

Hello, my name is Marcus and I am a junior here at Helena High. This is my first year in newspaper and I joined to become a better writer and journalist. I am involved in many sports including hockey, Jiu Jitzu, golf, and HHS...

Declan Rous


Hello readers! I’m the senior editor of the paper, Declan Rous. This is my second year as editor of the Nugget. I transferred here my sophomore year from Missoula, and newspaper really gave me the push to become more involved...

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