CCC: French Toast Crunch – Review

Chris Shields, Head Editor

Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Reviewed. Chocolate Toast Crunch? Reviewed. Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch? Reviewed. That leaves one more member of the Toast Crunch family: French Toast Crunch. 

Cinnamon sugar toast is a childhood favorite breakfast delicacy that almost, if not all of us enjoyed at some point when we were kids. The sweet sugar, crunchy toast, soft butter, and hint of cinnamon spice make for a really delicious treat. Of course, the classic General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch aims to capture that same experience but in the form of a cereal, and they accomplish it quite well. In fact many people may prefer Cinnamon Toast Crunch to actual cinnamon sugar toast. 

French toast, which dates all the way back to the time of the Roman Empire, is another breakfast food that is synonymous with childhood memories. Like cinnamon sugar toast, it’s a fairly simple and delicious dish. It’s essentially just sliced bread dipped in an egg/milk mixture and then pan fried. It’s usually served with butter and maple syrup on top. 

General Mills’s French Toast Crunch Cereal, first released in 1996 aims to capture all the delicious, goodness of French toast but in cereal form, much like the original member of the Toast Crunch Family, CTC. Claiming to be “bursting with syrup and cinnamon taste,” and simply by being a member of the CTC cereals, French Toast Crunch has big shoes to fill. 

Of all the Toast Crunches, I have to say, French Toast is probably the most unique. All members of the Toast Crunch family have a lot in common. They’re all whole grain-based cereals in the same flat, ridged, square shape that is synonymous with the brand. They have a visible dusting of sugar on the outside and provide the iconic light crisp texture that we all know and love. 

French Toast Crunch goes a completely different route. It’s actually a corn puff-based cereal, like Reese’s Puffs, Kix, or Cocoa Puffs, and has a crunchy texture like those cereals, instead of the usual crisp Toast Crunch texture. The pieces are puffed, dense squares that resemble small pieces of toast. Of all the cereals I’ve tried in my life, French Toast Crunch definitely takes the cake for the most unique and adorable pieces. 

While the texture is reminiscent of corn puff cereals, the crunch provides something more unique than that. It’s slightly denser than the standard corn puff and because of this, it maintains its texture more efficiently.  

In terms of taste, it claims to be maple syrup and cinnamon flavored. Cinnamon is listed as an ingredient on the nutrition label, and at the end of the bowl there are visible specks of cinnamon in the milk, just like at the end of a CTC bowl, but there’s not as much cinnamon taste as expected from the label. There is, however, a pleasant, sweet maple flavor that isn’t too strong or too subtle. 

This cereal can be compared to the ever-popular Kellogg’s Eggo Homestyle Waffle Cereal, and the recently released General Mills Elf Cereal. All three are corn puff cereals with maple flavoring. Comparing it to Eggo Cereal, it isn’t as strong in terms of maple flavor, and the milk afterwards isn’t anywhere near as good as the Kellogg’s release, but the texture is much more unique and satisfying. 

Compared to the other General Mills maple cereal, the holiday Elf Cereal, it’s a bit stronger and sweeter, and again, has a much better texture since it isn’t the same old tired corn puff. French Toast is definitely better than Elf, and isn’t necessarily better or worse than Eggo, just different and provides a different experience. 

Is French Toast Crunch as good as the other Toast Crunches? No, I don’t think so. Of the four, it’s easily my least favorite. However, that does not mean it’s a bad cereal at all. In fact, I really love it. Comparing it to its family members, who are all some of my all-time favorites, isn’t a fair comparison because it’s so different and unique, and I do enjoy it, it just isn’t anywhere near as good as the others. 

Of the maple syrup flavored cereals I’ve had, I’d say this is probably the best. The flavor is perfect, not overdone, but not lacking, and the texture is awesome. It does accomplish its goal of replicating French toast in the form of cereal, and it gets massive props for that. Unfortunately, it can only be bought in Family Size boxes, but I do recommend you try it out! 

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