CCC: Oreo O’s – Review

Chris Shields, Head Editor

Post Consumer Brand joined forces with popular snack food brand Nabisco to show the world how to turn a popular cookie into an amazing cereal with Nutter Butter cereal. That cereal took my breath away, so my hopes for their other cookie cereals including the different varieties of Oreo O’s and Chips Ahoy! are high. Oreos are my all-time favorite cookie, so I can’t even express how excited I was to try Oreo O’s. 

Post first released the original Oreo O’s in 1997, discontinued them in 2007, then brought them back due to popular demand in 2017. Since then, variations of this cereal including Golden Oreo O’s and Mega Stuf Oreo O’s were also released, capitalizing on other famous Oreo cookie flavors. The Golden Oreo O’s, which have been discontinued, were yellow in color, and Mega Stuf O’s, which are still being sold, are basically regular Oreo O’s with added marshmallows.  

Original Oreo O’s come in a bright blue box with the Oreo logo we all love sprawled across the front. Like Nutter Butter cereal, the box design replicates the box of the cookie it’s based off. Examining the nutrition information, you’ll find that per one and one third cup, you’ll be consuming 160 calories, 17 grams of sugar, and 34 grams of carbs. Whole grain oat flour is listed as the 3rd ingredient, following corn flour and, of course, sugar! 

Opening the bag can be described in one word: exquisite. The familiar, delicious scent of Oreo cookies is perfectly replicated and makes you melt. The pieces themselves also look appetizing and are identical to how they’re depicted on the box. Being Oreo “O’s,” obviously the pieces are in a similar shape and size to Froot Loops, meaning a bit bigger than Cheerio pieces. They are a deep black color, with a light sugar coating on the outside, and small little white beads sprinkled on top. 

At this point, I’ve got my bowl poured and my excitement peaked. Ultimately, my hopes and dreams were crushed. It’s tough to explain how disappointed I am in this cereal; it feels like I’m choking up writing this. The dry taste is so-so. It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t call it good either. The crunch was nice, but sadly the milk doesn’t enhance the flavor. In fact, I think it makes it even more disappointing. 

If you enjoy dunking delicious Oreo cookies in milk as much as I do, don’t you dare go thinking this cereal will replicate this delicious combo. It’s so bland and so boring that I regret buying it and feel silly for getting my hopes so high. It goes soggy quickly and certainly doesn’t taste anything like Oreos.  

The only positive thing I can say about this cereal, apart from the smell, is the milk afterward, which isn’t too bad and tastes vaguely of cookies and cream. 

I wanted to like this cereal so much, and every bowl I keep my fingers crossed that maybe I was just having a bad day last time I tried it and it truly is as good as people say it is, but it’s just not. It’s not satisfying at all and doesn’t fill you up. I’m as let down as you are.    

Nutter Butter Cereal is so perfect, but Post really dropped the ball with this one. Oreo lovers beware, this isn’t something that will appeal to you at all. It’s very bland and tastes nothing like the delicious cookie it tries to replicate. If it had any health benefits at all, it might have scored higher, but it really doesn’t. A flat D+, 69% score for this letdown is about as positive as I can realistically be.  

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