CCC: Cookie Crisp – Review

Chris Shields, Head Editor

Nothing says bliss like milk and cookies. It’s one of those combinations that lives up to its reputation every single time. Life always feels just a little more joyful when you dunk that warm chocolate chip cookie into a tall, cool glass of milk, which is why we’ve been doing it since the 1930s.  

The brilliant minds at General Mills capitalized on this timeless tradition back in 1977 when they first began production of their now iconic cereal Cookie Crisp. This cereal worked its way into our childhoods and still finds its way into our cupboards on occasion.  

At the time, a cereal inspired by a dessert may have seemed too good to be true, but it has since become a trend with products like Rice Krispies Treat cereal, Hostess cereals, Pillsbury cereals, Nabisco cereals, and now Little Debbie Cereals.  

The Cookie Crisp box comes in its usual light blue color with Chip the Wolf, the mascot, practically drooling, spoon in hand, over the bowl of freshly poured cereal he’s holding. Other than the fact that the new promotion of this item is “Now with 30% More Chips!,” there’s nothing special about the design or the art. It is nice, however, to see that good ol’ Chip is still smiling after all these years.  

Nutrition wise, whole grain corn is listed as the first ingredient, which is a good sign; however, sugar is the second, and there’s a fair amount of it in each serving. A one cup serving of Cookie Crisp clocks in at 140 calories and 12 grams of sugar. Then again, you are indulging in a bowl of cookies for breakfast, so what did you expect? 

There’s no noticeable aroma when you open the cereal, but its appeal comes from the cereal’s appearance. Each cereal piece is a tan, small, rounded disc with a textured surface and visible dark colored chips throughout. Each little piece looks like a tiny chocolate chip cookie and matches exactly what appears on the outside of the box. 

The dry taste and texture of this cereal is actually pretty good. It tastes like a crunchy, mini cookie snack, and it retains its crunch for a long time even in milk. Speaking of milk, once you add it, this cereal begins to shine. While not spot on, it tastes similar to some crunchy chocolate chip cookies and milk, and the pieces are the perfect size to scoop a decent amount on each spoon. 

It’s crunchy, sweet, and delicious, and each spoonful supplies a satisfying experience. After all the cereal is gone, you’re left with a slightly brown-tinted milk with just a hint of chocolate flavor. It’s nothing too amazing, but it is enjoyable to drink. 

Believe it or not, Cookie Crisp is a considerably controversial cereal, with people either loving it or hating it. The haters argue that it doesn’t taste exactly like a Chips Ahoy! cookie dipped in milk, but come on, it’s a cereal. If you really want a chocolate chip cookie dipped in milk, go get it you ungrateful bum. General Mills comes close to the target with this cereal, which puts me on the fan side of the spectrum. Chip earns himself an 85%, or B grade, for this classic cereal, and that’s why it finds its way back into my bowl every now and then.  

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