The Game That Starts It All

Ethan Taylor, Writer

After months of training, preparation, and practices, they triumphed over the Billings Bronx, winning 28 to 14. Some players stood out: Forrest Suero, Marcus Evans, Kaden Huot and Josh McGurran, who Coach Evans refers to as “our big dogs.”  

During a demonstration of his skill, Huot ran 61 yards during the second quarter. This put them in the position for the Bengals to score, making the scoreboard jump to life, reading 6:0. This massive feat filled the team with even more energy and determination. 

 Emineth and Miller of the Broncs drove the game to a tie in the latter half of the third quarter. McGurran jumped at the challenge and darted 31 yards, positioning the Bengals to take the lead in the game, 21:14. The game concluded with a win of 28:14. The roaring fans in the bleachers created a feeling of genuine excitement during the whole game.  

As the team and spectators file out, one can only stand and observe the field. The grass and the goal posts seeming as worn and tired as the athletes who used them. There is an air of excitement as the eyes absorb the sight of an empty field. The field that waits patiently to witness another victory. Yet there is a feeling of muted excitement, as the mind remembers how the football season begins with a valiant effort and inspiring teamwork. One sits and smiles, feeling proud to be a Bengal.