What P.E. Class Should You Take?


Maisie Evans, Writer

Helena High School has many different physical education classes offered for students. This can make it hard to determine what P.E. class to take. Well, the Lifetime Sports class could easily be the best one to choose. 

The options for P.E. classes are freshman and sophomore P.E., weight training, competitive sports, independent study for freshman, and obviously, lifetime sports. The freshman and sophomore P.E. classes are your typical required P.E. classes, what you choose to do after that is an elective.  

Freshman Year Options 

FROSH HP Sports & Fitness Activities 

This class is a standard physical education class, playing games that get your heart rate up, and other activities. 

Personal Wellness 

This class offers a variety of games that all focus on different areas of physical health.  

Weight Training 

This class is an introduction to weightlifting and guides freshman to what they should do when they enter a weight room. I took weight training my freshman year and enjoyed it very much!! It felt as if I was pushed harder to gain strength than maybe taking the standard freshman P.E. class. Jasper Cook, now a senior at HHS, took weight training and has nothing but good things to say about it. “Taking the weight training class allowed me to learn techniques that I can now use on my own when I go to the gym,” Cook stated.  

Sophomore Year Options 

Sophomore P.E. is the required class for incoming sophomores, and it basically does the same activities as what the freshman P.E. class. When I took this class with Ms. Kusler, we did multiple fun activities like archery, fishing, and other fun games. Although this class is mandatory, it allows you to try activities that you may not have had the chance to do otherwise. 

Weight Training 

In this class, students go through the basics of how to use the machines in the weight room as well as how to lift weights safely and efficiently. 

Lifetime Sports 

Lifetime Sports is a year-long class. Lifetime sports goes on several different adventures, such as skiing, hiking, bowling, fishing, and numerous other activities. Lifetime Sports can teach students leadership, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Overall, it provides fun adventures for students who would not have gone on them otherwise.  

Josie Esponda, a member of the Lifetime Sports class, had several positive things to say about it. “My favorite thing about Lifetime Sports is that the class allows for me and other students to do new activities all the time, so it doesn’t get boring sticking to one thing for the entire class,” Esponda said.  

Another member of Lifetime Sports, Jasper Cook, a senior at Helena High, had lots of good things to say about the class. “So far this year we have had the opportunity to go skiing, bowling, fishing, floating, and we have have an outdoors day,” Cook stated. Cook enjoys the people, environment, and the adventures that the class brings. The things they do in the class are planned and are typically the same every year.