Just A Pitch

Jasper Alexander, writer

At a recent school board meeting, the superintendent recommended the possible addition of baseball at the high school level in the spring of 2024.  

Back in February, Tim McMahon, the school district’s athletics director, said, “The Montana High School Association did approve Baseball as a sanctioned sport for all Montana schools who choose to offer it for the spring of 2023.” 

Although baseball was approved for 2023, McMahon said the district has set its sights on the 2024 season “to work on finalizing all costs to play and finding the money in our budget to pay for it.” They will also need to identify fields that can be used “and the costs that come with the rent for those fields.”   

McMahon added, “Next spring, if we can identify the money and pay for the program, we will recommend adding baseball, we will then immediately pre-purchase all the equipment and get coaches hired.” 

Unfortunately, the sport won’t get here in time for junior, Collin Hurlburt, a junior, who was hopeful about the chance to play baseball for a school team. “I wanted to be on a school baseball team, but when I saw that there was only girls’ softball I gave up on that dream,” Hurlburt said.  

While this is a highly exciting possibility for future students, it is still just a pitch. But, with a little bit of luck and funding that pitch could turn into a home run, leading students to cheer for an all-new Bengals Baseball team!