Loveridge’s Legacy


Megan Walsh

Mr. Loveridge prepping the Jazz Band before a performance on November 11, 2019.

Spencer Nelson, Writer

Robert Loveridge, renowned band teacher of 41 years, has been teaching at HHS for 28 years. Loveridge is a student favorite for his positive and upbeat attitude and his genuine care for everyone. On top of his tremendous personality, he always strives for greatness. Whether he is going to Disney World to wow Orlando audiences with the concert band or serving as a chairman for both district and state music festivals, he always finds a way to keep himself busy. 

Loveridge developed a passion for the trumpet at just 10 years old and has been playing it ever since. In all, he has been playing the trumpet for 56 years. “I always liked playing the trumpet when I was a little kid. It’s just something I really did good when I was young,” Loveridge said. A few years later, he earned his bachelors and masters degree from Eastern Montana College, which is now Montana State University Billings. He then went on to teach in Ronan, Montana and Wyoming before teaching at HHS. “I started in small schools and worked my way up to a double A school,” Loveridge said.

Every three years, Loveridge gives his students the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to go down to Disney World in Orlando and perform for the world. In addition to performing, band students can stay the whole week in Florida, enjoying everything it has to offer. Loveridge works hard to ensure good deals on the travel costs and plan the perfect trip for everybody to enjoy. “I’ve been doing the big Florida trip every three years since 1990, and I’ve done some sequel trips and then I’ve done the Disney races for the last twelve years annually,” Loveridge said.

No matter what, Loveridge always strives for a positive attitude and a forward-thinking mindset. His positivity is contagious and can brighten anyone’s day. He’s always had a heart for music and teaching kids, and it shows. “Teaching kids, making music, to me that’s the best part. It’s a way of life. I like working with the other teachers, I like working with the administration, I like joking around and being friendly to people,” Loveridge said. 

Loveridge’s legacy will leave a mark at Helena High that will never be forgotten. He will not only be remembered as a great band teacher with numerous achievements under his belt, but also as a great guy with a good heart.

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