Maker Mondays


Jaurdyn Johnson

Ear rings made by Selena Goddard

Kameron Kottas, Head Writer

Have you ever wanted to learn something new or perfect a skill that you are not very good at? Then Maker Mondays in the school library might be a good place to do that! Maker Monday includes activities such as making your own jewelry, electronics, painting, and even knitting. It’s open to students during lunch and their study hall class. Selena Goddard, a senior, said “I go there to make jewelry and knit because that is what I am into.” Goddard completed making earrings in a few weeks and really enjoys the progress that she has made in that time during her study hall. If you have nothing to do on Mondays, then you can go there and learn something new that you haven’t been able to learn before. The librarian said, “Kids get to use their imaginations and get to create something that they may not have been able to do before.”

If you are interested in going to Maker Mondays during your study hall period, go to the librarians before school to get a pass from study hall to the library.  Then when you go to study hall, you show your teacher your pass and your teacher will let you go to the library. At the end of class, they will want you to come back 5 minutes before the class ends.

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