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Budget Cuts

Jaurdyn Johnson, Editor

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45th President of the United States, Donald Trump declared that he and his administration will cut 10.5 trillion dollars in federal spending.These proposed budget deficits will save the average American $22.36 per year. provided an overview of the 17 programs Trump and his administration are planning to cut. The article also includes what each program currently costs the average tax-paying American. A few of these programs are:

  • National Endowment for the Arts, which costs the Americans $0.37
  • Minority Business Development Agency, according to costs the average American $0.11
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation which costs the average american $0.
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which amounts to $1.37 per year for the average American. Now NPR with over 900 public radio stations will lose federal funding. As well as National Public Radio (NPR), many popular childhood television characters like Big Bird and Elmo will be cut due to CBS losing federal endorsements.

Many speculations have risen due to the very small amount of money that goes into these companies.

One of which is an economic journalist for the New Yorker, James Surowiecki stated on twitter that the proposed annual $1.05 trillion is not allocated due to the fact federal spending is only $1.1 trillion dollars. These cuts are drastic and leave the federal budget meager in comparison.

Steve Bell, a former staff director of the Senate Budget Committee, stated to New York Times that the “It’s sad in a way because those programs aren’t causing the deficit. . .these programs don’t amount to a hill of beans.”

Although, there are a lot of speculations and criticisms, but with each and every new president.

According to Stephen Moore, Trump’s economic advisor during the campaign stated to New York Times that “the American public has a lot of contempt for how government is run in Washington, in no small part because there is so much waste.”


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Budget Cuts