Holiday Baskets for Helena High families!


Shelby Russell, Staff writer

This year, Helena High is resuming its annual tradition of supplying the families of HHS students who are facing food insecurity over the winter break. This tradition began over twenty years ago by a former HHS counselor who started it as a mission to help families in need over the holiday season.  It is a co-project between the counseling department and student council. 

Some of the clubs donating baskets include the Bengalettes, Thespians, Counseling Department, Green Group, and many others. Green Group is using sustainable items in their basket, with basket coordinator Lillian Stembridge saying, “We’re trying to keep the basket a green theme.” The basket has organic food from the Real Food Store and is free of common allergens. 

One of the coordinators, Mrs. Humphrey, said “I personally believe we have a responsibility to help out those who need help and so I encourage my students to do the same.”  With the tradition happening for over 20 years, families who face food insecurity at HHS have been given comfort knowing they will have food over the winter break.  

This tradition goes back to the time of when Mary Anderson was a counselor at Helena High, according to HHS Counselor Chrissy Murgel. Anderson employed the assistance of the HHS student council, back when Colette Ozburn was the club advisor. Currently, Ms. Murgel and Counseling Secretary Corena Hall are the points of contact at the counseling center.  

Although Ms. Anderson is no longer here, the counseling department has continued its partnership with the student council. Ms. Murgel said, “This partnership is the best way to ensure that the entire Bengal family—students and adults—have a part to play in caring for each other.”  

At Helena High, Bengals take care of Bengals. Ensuring that those who need extra help over the holiday season is just one of the amazing projects that the clubs do to help other Bengals out. The food baskets are sure to help many families over the holidays!