What’s Making Us Happy This Week


Annabelle Heun 

This is the most ridiculous thing I think that I have ever put into words, but I recently discovered a little app that uses a virtual plant to track how much water you drink in a day. For whatever reason, this virtual plant means everything to me now, and I have been reaching my goal of drinking 75 ounces of water per day solely to keep the little plant alive. I have named him Phineas, and my love for this adorable plant is probably unhealthy. Besides my new son Phineas, I am super excited for spring break! I am going to be going dress shopping in California for my aunt’s wedding, so I am looking forward to eating tons of great food and trying on pretty dresses. Speaking of pretty dresses, I also just got my prom dress! I am SO excited to go to prom this year, especially because it will be the first school dance I have ever gone to (COVID kind of messed that up for our class lol). In general, life is looking up, and I can’t wait to get rolling into spring! 


Will Eaton 

Well, I recently got my driver’s license! Watch out Olivia Rodrigo, I’m coming for your brand, and everyone else watch out because my driving is questionable. Aside from screaming down the roads blasting Taylor Swift or The Smiths, I also got my braces off. Not that anyone has ever seen the bottom half of my face anyways but if you ever do, there will be straight teeth! My birthday is coming up too- March 20th for all my fans out there. Please address all packages to classroom 43. Just kidding I don’t want anything… unless 😉 I’m going to a Conan Gray concert in April if COVID doesn’t get in the way. In regard to recent events, I’ve been watching what’s going on in Ukraine on TikTok from the comfort of my home and feeling very spoiled. All things considered, I’m pretty lucky with a good start to the year!  


Ethan Taylor 

One thing that makes me happy is looking forward to my sophomore year! I have some interesting classes such as psychology and law and justice, and French I. My obsession with Death Note has come back in full force, and I successfully convinced my friend to watch it. Having another person support me in my opinion that L is the best character is very refreshing. Death Note: The Musical is miles better than Hamilton and this is the hill I will die on. Though I do not particularly enjoy Light as a character or agree with his ideals, the song “Where is the Justice?” almost redeems him. Almost. I have also taken up learning Capoeira, and although I am atrocious at it, it is a lot of fun and provides a great workout. My family got a new puppy recently, and we have named her Kira. Watching her play in the backyard with our older dog and seeing her get excited when I come home from school is the highlight of my day. She is finally at a point where she has realized that a lick on the hand is more appreciated than being bitten and now, she is the sweetest puppy I have ever met. Overall, the last few months have been great, and I think the year will continue to get better. 


Jackie Collver 

As usual, my family is making me so happy. My little brother has been learning so much at daycare, and the little two-year-old tyke is having fun with numbers and letters. I was wearing a shirt yesterday with a B on it, and my little brother pointed at it and said, “B!” So that was super exciting. My beautiful and amazing friends have also been helping lift my spirits. I have also been playing more piano lately, and that’s making me happy. And I have a plant-growing app where you can grow plants based on how much water you drink. It encourages you to drink water throughout the day, and the cartoon plants are adorable! That is also making me happy (although not as happy as it’s making Annabelle). I’m also super excited to read some French books Ms. Walsh gave me the other day. And, in five years’ time, they’ll be super cute in my classroom!  


Jasper Alexander 

There are a plethora of things making me happy! One thing that has been contributing the most to me being happy is that I finally get to see my sister who I have not seen since New Year’s! She will be coming to visit during spring break making it feel like forever away. Another thing contributing to my happiness is my books, especially The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. There are also other books that I’ve found myself enjoying, especially the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics. Also, my dogs are a significant contribution. I have a Bullmastiff named Duke and a hound mix named Otto. Those dogs are the embodiment of my joy, and I would do anything for them. So yes, I am happy, and I intend to stay that way! 


Emmi Highness 

I am extremely happy to report that Helena High’s mock trial team pulled off a three-peat for the state championship. Although I was only on the winning team the past two years, I’m very proud we were able to continue the legacy and win one more time before our entire championship team graduates. As a team, we decided not to go to nationals this year as it was moved to be held virtually and is a large time commitment, but I am honored nonetheless and very proud of all our hard work to win state. Another exciting point in my life is that in less than a week’s time I will be at a Billie Eilish concert. I am so excited for this as it has been years since I last went to a concert. I bought the tickets almost a year ago for me and my two best friends and I can’t wait for the epic experience.