What’s Making Us Happy This Week

Ms. Walsh 

This is slightly embarrassing because I don’t understand why reaction videos are a thing and I think they might be a sign we’re devolving as a species. However, what’s making me happy is watching YouTube reaction videos of non-Swifties listening to Taylor Swift’s newest albums (folklore and evermore) for the first time. It’s even better if they’ve only heard Swift’s ubiquitous mega-hits like “ME!“ or “Shake It Off” because they are the least prepared for Swift’s ability to conjure intimate, detailed stories with her lyricsMany of the reaction videos follow a similar patternthere’s denial or shock (“This is Taylor Swift?”), then bargaining (“Aaron Dessner/Bon Iver/Jack Antonoff is the reason this is so good”), and finally acceptance of Swift’s musical prowess (“I think I just became a Taylor Swift fan”). Welcome to the club. It’s been waiting for you. 


Annabelle Heun

This week, I learned how to draw mushrooms, and now can’t stop drawing them on every piece of paper I find. It has become a sort of calling card for me; leave little mushrooms all over my house for my family to find. Also, I have found a great new way to waste my time and avoid my schoolwork. I got a sudden spark of musical inspiration and have been writing a tango in my spare time. After at least three hours of painstakingly putting each individual note into the program I use to write my music, I am happy to report that the entire piece is only 40 seconds long *insert upside-down smiley face here*.  


Emmi  Highness

When I’m stressed out, I revert back into “fangirl” mode to escape my problems, so what currently sparks the most joy for me is Julie and The Phantoms on Netflix, specifically the amazing soundtrack (10/10 would recommend even if it’s technically a kids show), Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolfand new episodes of WandaVision on Friday’s. Getting through a tough week means a new episode of WandaVision, and it is that tiny light at the end of the tunnel that makes me really happy. I promise I do actually do more than watch TV… Also, it was Harry Styles birthday this week and that made me happy, and I’m happy for JoJo Siwa – I’ve been watching her since 5th grade. 


Jackie Collver

Candles. Rose lights. After the most stressful school day – so, for me, actually having homework to do – closing my curtains in my room, lighting a candle, and turning on the rose lights above my bed is an immediate pick-me-up. Since I stress out over the smallest things in my everyday life, making my room into a little cocoon makes me happy. I can work calmly in this dim, still environment. Of course, when my family’s home, I gotta turn on Bailey Sarian or something and concentrate on that background noise instead of hearing my parents talking on the phone.  


Spencer Nelson

I’ve been dumping everything into my beats lately. I’m working to improve my technical abilities to add new spice to my sound with external plugins and other things within the Ableton Live 10 sound software. Music is my true passion and there is nothing else on planet earth that fills the god hole like music. To escape, I put on my headset, plug in that MIDI controller and take off into a world of my own imagination and feelings to express the hardships of my life. I have also grown an ungodly addiction to Kid Cudi, and he has become my favorite artist. He is living proof that you can overcome the challenges that you face and rise above them. It has really given me the motivation to “keep moving forward. 


Chris Shields

I’ve recently immersed myself in the world of the foodie, and have taken to photographing local dining products, foods, and excursions, as well as various things I have made from scratch myself and posting them on my personal food photography account. Since I’m leaving for Missoula for college next fall, I’ve been trying to knock as many Helena-exclusive experiences off my list as I can. One of them is to try all the local cuisine, and on Thursday, I got to check out the Eat Greekish food truck. You’ve probably seen this bright blue and yellow rig around Helena, and if you’re lucky you’ve gotten to try it. I finally tried their famous Zeus Fries and got to photograph and post them on my Instagram. They are fried crinkle-cut French fries spiced with their unique “Thunderbolt” seasoning blend, topped with Lebanese Garlic Sauce and Sheep Mountain Creamery cheese crumbles, and served with a side dipping sauce of your choice (I choose the Greek staple, Tzatziki Sauce). They were so good and I’m glad I got to try this unique dish before I leave! So, what’s making me especially happy this week, among the infinite number of things, is my food account and this delightful experience I was fortunate enough to have! 

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