Student Profile: Emilee Romine

Captain of the Bengalettes

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With juggling work, being captain of the Bengalettes, school, and trying to have a social life, Emilee Romine has a lot going on in her life. Romine has practice three times a week with the Bengalettes, Helena High’s dance team. She has lettered in dance for the past three years, soon to be four years after this season. 

On the nights she doesn’t have practice you’ll  most likely catch her working at the Grub Stake. Romine has worked at the Grub for three years now. Even though she is very busy, Romine puts the most she can into her school life, taking zero period at Capital High and the next seven classes at Helena High. Even with a full schedule she manages to stay on the honor roll with a GPA of 3.8; she has gotten academic Allstate three different times. (Academic Allstate is when your GPA is above a 3.5 and you are participating in a school sport.)

For college, she has decided to major in biomedical science while also possibly double majoring in Latin though she is still deciding between Montana State University and Washington State University. While in college Romine would also like to join the spirit squad. After getting her degree in biomedical science she plans to apply to medical school.

“If I go to MSU, their med school is connected to WSU so I would go here. But if I go to WSU, I’ll just go to their medical school,” Romine said.

Outside of Romine’s busy schedule and planning for college, she enjoys staying home in her bed and either watching TV while doing puzzles or reading books. If she’s feeling carefree she likes driving around and listening to music on full blast with her friends.

Romine also enjoys spending time outside enjoying nature. “I love going camping, while we camp my friends and I go on these long adventures where we get scratches, and go for these crazy climbs on rocks that we shouldn’t be on. We also go for these two or three hour long rides on our side by side or four wheelers. It makes me carefree and calm just watching the scenery and having the fresh air,” Romine says.