Teacher Profile: Carl Straub

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Carl Straub has been teaching health at Helena High for 14 years. Straub was born at Fort Benning, a military base in Georgia. Growing up, Straub traveled from base to base due to his dad being in the military. After leaving on six different military bases his family finally settled in Bozeman, Montana in 1976, after his dad retired.  

Straub graduated from Bozeman Senior High School in 1986. Throughout high school Straub played soccer. Straub said, “I played soccer cause I was good at it… scoring a goal is the best feeling in the world.” His teammates called him viper striker due to him being in the position of striker. In the midst of playing soccer and going to school, Straub taught younger kids to play soccer. In fact, he did this throughout high school and college.

Teaching kids how to play soccer is what sparked his interest in teaching. Straub enjoys teaching health because “you can apply the material to your life and learn how to live better and more productively,” Straub said. Elsa Grebenc, one of his students, called Straub “an all around great teacher! Straub does a good job teaching us all about health and life in general. He makes all his classes fun with good activities that involves everyone. His guest speakers are very impactful and discuss important topics.”

Straub said, “Teaching is an awesome job. You get paid to spend time with great kids and have fun doing it. You have to get up early, but its worth it.”