NFL Week 1 Recap

Austin Kirk

From the Ravens outstanding offense, earning them to a 59-10 victory against the Dolphins, to the Cincinnati Bengals almost pulling off an upset against the Seahawks in Seattle, the first week of the NFL’s official season was definitely one to remember.

Andy Dalton, quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, threw a career high of completions and passing yards on the road against the Seahawks. He threw a stunning 418 passing yards against Seattle. He had the weight of his team on his shoulders the whole game, but despite his best efforts, the Bengals lost by 1 point . Team reporter Marisa Contipelli tweeted, “[A] quote from Dalton: We’re a team that’s going to fight. We proved that today.” 

At the end of last season, the Ravens released Joe Flacco, the quarterback that led them to a victory in the Superbowl. Despite this, they are looking as sharp as ever. Their new starting quarterback, Lamar Jackson, had an 85% completion percentage with an astonishing 5 touchdowns in the 59 point game. Jackson was selected as the AFC offensive player of the week. The Ravens new offense is looking better than ever. 

Some of the teams that looked like they were going to be playoff teams going into the season were tolled by the injuries of their star players. For example, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed Nick Foles, Super Bowl MVP, to an 88 million dollar deal with the Jags, only to suffer a broken clavicle, a game ending injury. The pressure shifted to Gardener Minshew, who had never played a snap in the NFL until the second half against the Chiefs. Secondly, wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been injured as well. Medical staff estimates that he will be out for 4 to 6 weeks. The legion of zoom will not be at full strength for a while, but the Chiefs still have a chance with prodigy quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes threw 3 touchdowns with 378 passing yards. Considering Mahomes’s performance, it looks like the Chiefs are a team to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, the NFL’s first official week of the season was an action packed joyride filled with surprises and hope for all. Looking at the upcoming week, there is going to be some match-ups that you won’t want to miss. Like the NFC championship rematch between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Antlanta Falcons, or the Seahawks looking for a road win against the Steelers. Stay tuned for week 2 to see what happens!