2019-2020 Student Council

Carmen Porter, Writer

Hello, Helena High! We are so delighted to welcome you back to the 2019-2020 school year! As you may know, last year we had an intense race for the new student council. Here are some facts about the amazing people on our new student council. 



 Nick Pida

Pida is our President! Pida ran for president because he likes to be involved with the school. This year, Pida wants to make the school a better place by fixing all the clocks. Outside of school, Pida is captain of the cross country team, an officer in DECA, and a member in the Outdoors Club. Pida also participates in jazz band and pep band.


Vice President

 Tatum McNamara

As Vice President McNamara would like to make the school more accepting. This would have a tremendous impact on the amount of school spirit the students have and would make the student body more comfortable. McNamara ran for vice president because “Caroline Bullock convinced me to.” McNamara is involved in HOSA, Outdoors Club, track, basketball, and is captain on the cross country team. 



 Grace Johnson

Johnson really likes being in student council and wanted to be a bigger part of it. This year Johnson wants to make this school a place where people want to be. Johnson is looking forward to  planning events and working with other officers. Besides Student Council, Johnson is the president of the Mock Trial Club, is a member of DECA, and enjoys playing the guitar.



 Brinley Nielson

Nielson ran for the position of historian because she wants to improve our school’s Instagram and create more school spirit. Nielson looks forward to having a voice and being able to grow with the Student Council’s voice. Outside of student council, Nielson enjoys swimming: she is on the swim team during winter and is a lifeguard during summer.



Brooke Walker

This is Walker’s second year as an officer. She really enjoys interacting with students and hearing their opinions about what they want to see at Helena High. She’s looking forward to being a big part of student council and the school. Besides student council, Brooke plays tennis and is a T.A.


Freshman Representative

 Cecelia Chapman

Chapman ran for rep because she wants to make a difference in the school, and to help student council in any way she can. Chapman is hoping to create a positive learning atmosphere for all students and to bring freshman’s ideas to the school. She is looking forward to talking about the real problems that will be addressed at state student council. Chapman also enjoys being involved in Key Club and is on Varsity Golf.


Sophomore Representative 

Kaitlyn Cheeseman

Cheeseman ran for representative to become more involved in the school. Cheeseman wants to make an impact on the learning environment in the school. In particular, she wants school to be a more fun environment. Cheeseman is looking forward to planning school events. Cheeseman is involved in tennis, soccer, and basketball.


Junior Representative

 Cade Duran

Duran ran as a representative because he wants to be in a position of authority to make the school a better place for future classes. This year Duran is most looking forward to talking at assemblies and planning dances as well as the state Stuco Conference in November. Duran is a State Stuco and 4-H Ambassador as well as a gymnastics coach. 


Senior Representative

Kylie Songer

Songer ran for senior rep because she wants to speak for the senior class. This year, Songer is looking forward to making a difference in our school and community. Songer participates in track and field and is the president of the Drafting Club.


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