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Maya Barany
Hi. This is a very one-sided conversation. I'm writing and someone out there could be reading. Welcome to my Ted Talk. My name is Maya Barany. I'm a sophomore and my hobbies include reading pirated books, ice skating, and staring at my phone. I also enjoy gardening, baking, and learning crafts like crochet and embroidery. I joined Newspaper because I took Ms. Walsh's journalism class last year, and it made me a much better writer. I hope to grow more and write things I'm proud of.

Currently, I'm hoping to get a job in a coffee shop or bakery and save enough money for a gap year program traveling or volunteering to start my life away from Montana. After high school, my dream is to have as many jobs as I can and experiencing as much as possible, moving often and learning different trades.



Maya Barany, Writer

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Maya Barany