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NFL Preview: What to Expect

September 12, 2018

Did The Browns Make The Right Decision At Number 1?

Connor Casne-Jones, Head writer

May 2, 2018

The Browns began the 2018 draft with a bang!  They surprisingly drafted Baker Mayfield, the 6'1", 215 pound quarterback out of Oklahoma. Mayfield is the first number one overall draft pick to be a walk-on.  A walk- on...

The Las Vegas Golden Knights

Marcus Roberts, Head Writer

April 23, 2018

When trying to measure the success of the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team in their very first year of existence to an expansion team of the past, one must compare them to some of the most successful expansion teams in modern...

March Madness: In Case You Missed It

John Orzechowski, Head Writer

April 6, 2018

The NCAA Tournament has come and gone, ending with a lopsided final game between an insanely good Villanova team and a Michigan team that looked like it belonged on the lower half of the seedings in the first round. The true Ma...

March Madness!

Connor Casne-Jones, Head Writer

March 15, 2018

The largest basketball tournament in the world begins Thursday. March Madness includes 68 teams. In comparison FIBA, the world basketball league, only has 32 teams in its big tournament. The first seeds are Villanova, Virginia,...

The Case for Shutting Up and Dribbling

John Orzechowski, Head Writer

March 9, 2018

A little less than two months ago, Lebron James and Kevin Durant got into a Cadillac Escalade with Sportscenter host Cari Champion at the wheel. It’s part of her Uninterrupted series, “Rolling with the Champion” in which she ...

Arnston Advances

Arnston Advances

February 23, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games Preview

Marcus Roberts, Head Writer

February 7, 2018

Beginning on Friday, February 9, and ending on Sunday, February 25, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. There are new events, new faces, and new opportunities this year. In June, 2015, the International...

Dynasties in Sports

John Orzechowski, Head Writer

February 5, 2018

Even though the Eagles pulled out a win during Super Bowl 52, Tom Brady was extremely close to receiving his 6th Super Bowl win in eight attempts. The Warriors are a dysfunctional Cavaliers team away from their third title in ...

Skijoring: Your New Favorite Winter Sport

Becky Demontigny, Head Writer

January 12, 2018

Though the sport of skijoring is becoming more and more popular, many people are not aware of it at all. Skijoring is a winter sport in which a person on skis is pulled behind a horse, dog, or motorized vehicle. The creative term come...

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