Fantastic Film Clubs and Where to Find Them

Book Club Reinvented


Melina Scott

Film Club founding members Corrina Asher (Junior/left) Sarah Sizemore (Junior/right), Declan Garrison (Senior/back right) and Advisor Ms. Walsh

Melina Scott, Head Writer

Among the new clubs arriving at Helena High, film club, sounds pretty fantastic. Recommended and put into action by our very own Dequan, the club will be focused around watching films or series on your own time, mostly on Netflix but possibly on other streaming services as well.

After watching the selected shows, which are voted upon by club members, the film club discusses them. This includes talking about what they as a group liked, didn’t like, would have changed, and what was that ‘oh-my-goodness-no-way-that-just-happened’ plot twist that no one saw coming.

It’s basically a book club except better, with new and exciting movies and TV series to explore. If you’re interested in joining, the club is every Thursday during lunch in Ms. Walsh’s room (43). We hope to see you there!

Melina Scott
Corrina Asher explains her thoughts on this week’s film Shimmer Lake
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