Replace Your Divots

The Helena High Golf Team Looks Forward To State

Marcus Roberts, Head Writer

As the state tournament nears, the Helena high men’s and women’s golf teams have their eyes set on the state titles. The last state title either of the teams won came in the early 80’s, but that won’t change their mindset leading into it. “It’s easy to lose focus especially when golf is a very mental game but that’s what makes it great.” Gavin Anderson, a junior at Helena high, says. ” You have to stay mentally strong and focused because as soon as you lose that focus your game is lost, and your swing can leave you in an instant as well as your confidence.”

For Rayla Williams, the captain of the girls’ golf team, being focused is something that just comes naturally. “The funny thing is I actually distract myself from golf in general so I don’t get in my head.” She says.

The Helena High Boys’ and girls’ AA State golf will take place through the 26th and 27th of September at the Buffalo Hills Golf Course in Kalispell.

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