The Deeper Meaning

Pocket Prejudice

Melina Scott, Head Writer

If you’re a guy, you may not know the struggle. Coming home with an adorable (or in the male case super masculine) pair of jeans. But wait: the next day, when you put these jeans on, the pockets have magically disappeared, or are so small that the only thing you can fit in them is maybe a tube of lip balm, or a penny. But not at the same time, of course.

Because women’s pockets are small, or in some cases completely nonexistent, we’re forced to carry around heavy and oftentimes expensive purses that are cumbersome and annoying. The purse business is flourishing off of our struggle; the women’s jeans company and the purse business might as well be in cahoots with each other. For all of you conspiracy theorists out there conspiring about government relations: move past aliens and start getting on that. And don’t even start on dresses; if you’ve ever seen how excited a woman gets when she finds pockets in the folds of her dress, you know what I mean. They’re extremely uncommon and hard to find; almost like some sort of  rare Pokémon.

Meanwhile, men can fit their wallet, phones, keys, pencils, TI-84 Plus CE calculators, and practically the kitchen sink in their pockets, all at once. Women, on the other hand, are lucky if they can fit one of those things.

Promoting deeper pockets is something every woman can relate to; we’ve all at some point complained about how they can’t fit anything. Not only would it benefit us, however, but our male counterparts as well. No more, as a man, getting asked, “Hey, can you put my phone in your pocket? They don’t fit in mine and I forgot my purse.” As a female, no more accidentally dropping bills because pockets aren’t deep enough to fully hold them. No more struggling with a purse in the grocery store. No more trying to juggle multiple things at once; your pockets, after all, can’t hold your phone, so you’re forced to hold it, your coffee, your muffin, and your keys all at once. No more of these acts that we struggle with on a daily basis.

We deserve bigger pockets just as much as the guys do, and even though an article in an obscure school newspaper probably won’t change anything, it’s worth a shot.

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