Senior Brags & Wills 2017

Maggy Adamson

Brags: Only cried 4 times (in the past week)

Wills: I leave the last ⅗ of Team Stress (Fuli Chan, Kassi Rigsby, and Josh Hamilton) my hatred/love for everyone

Zoey Allen

Brags: Best cheer captain around

Ted Van Alstyne

Brags: Our Jazz band clinched first at Orlando Fest and had Loveridges best score yet.

Wills: I leave Harrison Dangle my tennis racquets and my special ball goes to Dane Reiger. Every piece of clothing I own goes to Ethan Bowen and Dalton Weaver. I’ll take my magic cards with me to my grave.

Iain Anderson

Brags: I tricked all of my professors into thinking that I’m intelligent and nice.

Wills: I leave Zachery Anderson my dunking skills. I leave Zane Roush my cross country jersey. I leave Nicholus Pida and Eric Carlson the power to enforce buttkickers during warmups.

John Armstrong

Brags: Never got caught cheating.

Ryan Arnston

Brags: Only failed two classes! First team All-State Running Back.

Wills: I leave Kyle Tabbert my cleats for football hoping he will keep the tradition of great running backs.

Tyler Biesrqen

Brags: I never used my locker (it’s basically broken).

Wills: I leave the first freshman on the alphabetical school-wide roster my very cherished locker, #28 I think? I never used it.

Tyler Beigh

Brags: Became friends with some lit teachers

Wills: My lack of motivation to all underclassmen

Kahsiah Benson

Brags: I survived state, #doitforstate

Wills: I leave my heart and love to Kyler Campbell.

Nicodemus Berbos

Brag: I’m a State Champion in hockey

Kris Bosch

Brags: I was a part of the Big Sky Science Bowl Champions and Montana Science Olympiad Champions

Will: I leave the American Kestrel Project to Devin Seyler to continue in my absence

Jaydy Briese

Brags: Never cheated on any tests and still passed. Rugby stud.

Lindsey Burkett

Brags: Captain of girls tennis team and Wind Symphony 1st place at Orlandofest in Orlando, Florida

Clayton Canty

Brags: I made varsity cross country, never gave up. “It was more than an education, it was a revelation”.

Wills: I will leave my car to Lucas Canty, my study skills to Kade Jacobs. My hobbies to Jacob Rice, my running and adventurous tasks to Zane Roush.

Tara Medina Caplis

Brags: I’ve managed to sneak past the librarians when I wasn’t in class.

Wills: I leave my condolences for my incoming freshman, brother Benjamin Medina Caplis. High School sucks.

Katie Carroll

Brags: Every time I cried my eyeliner didn’t run 🙂

Wills: I leave Becky Egeline my will to live and my collection of horrible snapchat stickers of our friends. I leave Sami Hill the legacy of adventure hats.

Levi Coon

Brags: President of the Gentlemen’s Table Tennis Society.

Wills: I leave Cory Bowlby my green machine.

Hailey Crawford

Brags: Girls AA Basketball State Champ

Wills: I leave Jamie Pickens my sports locker. I leave Nicole Price my softball jersey

Ella Currier

Brags: State champions do it best.

Dana Ducello

Brags: Senior cheer captain, best flyer around, also succeeded to not throw a desk at another human being.

Wills: I give Mikinna Canright, Alex Fasbender and Ciera Griego my captain spot in the cheer team, also sass and integrity.

Logan Dutton

Brags: I’m probably the first student to arrest a fellow classmate lol.

Wills: I have nothing left to give. I hardly make it out with the clothes on my back.

Taylor England

Brags: State Champion at badminton. (2012)

Wills: They get to try and follow up my legacy. Good luck!

Justin Finch

Brags: I crossed up Brian McMahon on the Court.

Wills: I leave my retro Jordan 8 aquas in locker 46 to Conner Murgel.

Christine Fisher

Brags: I passed with all A’s and will be valedictorian. I am the President of choir club. I have also taken several advanced placement classes.

Wills: I leave Rachel Martorana my legacy.

Abbie George

Brags: I went 0-2 at State Tennis two years in a row

Will: I leave Kassi Rigsby and Fuli Chan my sass and ability to procrastinate successfully

Jade Gestring

Brags: I only used my locker for one semester throughout my four years.

Wills: I leave Madison Glass my clarinet from freshman year.

Terra Gilchrist

Brags: Got hit in the leg by line drives every season, two of which were Coach Schulte. . . Thanks Coach.

Wills: I leave Mariah English my softball skills 🙂

Selena Goddard

Brags: Finally got straight A’s as a senior. Got into Night to Shine for the 1st time in 3 years.

Wills: I leave whoever the next Nugget Newspaper editor will be locker #451.

Sean Harris

Brags: Bought a Cadillac.

Wills: I leave Devin Seyler my legos.

Gage Harmon

Brags: Took AP, I’m passing.

Wills: I leave Mr. McKim to teach my incoming brother Si Richard Harmon.

Madeline Heiser

Brags: Proved multiple teachers wrong on whether something can be done the night before./

Hailey Henrikson

Brags: My eyebrows look 117% better

Wills: I leave my memory with Jordan McCarley (I told you I would loser)

Taryn Holland

Brags: State Champion curler. (2017)

Wills: They deserve nothing – of my greatness.

Kailen Hornby

Brags: I came up with clever ways to cheat with my friends. I had a good streak of showing up late to 0 period everyday junior year, I expanded my intensive knowledge of Harry Potter through the years

Will: I leave my spacious, ugly, orange band locker to Alyssa Tuck and Alex Fasbender. I leave the sketchy hallways to Ciera Griego where she gave me huge hugs every time she saw me. I leave all the silver fish to everyone else at school

Kaitlyn Howeth

Brags: Took four AP classes, got a 29 on the ACT, was dress coded a lot.

Wills:I leave Mackenna Schmolke my little sister, Reagan Frantz. I leave Corrina Asher my aesthetic. I leave Declan Garrison the memory of myself, you’re welcome.

Jaurdyn Johnson

Brags: Never got in an accident in the school parking lot.

Wills: I leave Emma Dole my great snapchats, I leave Jaz Raskovich my sass, and Katie Huntley my wisedom.

Simon Jolicoeur

Brags: School is harder in Canada

Selinda Kiefer

Brags: NHS, received honorable mention for NCWIT

Chris Kelly

Brags: Never had anything to brag about

Kameron Kottas

Brags: Playing hockey my sophomore year and winning state.

Wills: Always try your best in school it will get you far.

Sam Lashley

Brags: I am better at alto sax than Noah Jackovac.

Wills: I will my love of sauce to Ben Williams 😉

Ashley Lavigne

Brags: Never got cheating, totally kidding, I did however hold a 4.0 GPA for 5 consecutive semesters. It’s hard to do believe it or not

Wills: I leave Miles Lavigne my parking spot in the blue lot and my stacks and stacks of procrastination. Enjoy your high school years buddy! Love you

Jada Leece

Brags: I am an unashamed oddball, and I still have friends. 😉

Wills: I leave my wooden seat in newspaper to absolutely anyone who joins.

Macy Livesay

Brags: I made 1 new friend @ Margaret Adamson

Will: I leave the finsta to Mr. Mckissick

Erin Longdon

Brags: I have been apart of 15 shows in my high school career. I won 4 awards for acting, including best overall performance in a comedy.

Wills: I leave my microwave to the HHS Thespians.

Sam Luther

Brags: Over the last few months a skill I made for the Amazon Alexa was featured in an article  of Venture Beat and was on the Most Downloaded Skills list

Will: I leave the obligation of decorating Room 56 to Liam Gohn

Dalton Matthews

Brags: I was extremely good at accidentally stealing donuts from safeway fro my 1st and 2nd period JMG class.

Wills: I leave nothing to the lower classman, as they owe me far more than they know.

Olivia Mariegard

Brags: I survived state.

Wills: I leave my tennis racket and abilities to Abby Trever.

Meirya Martin

Brags: I was a representative in choir my junior year.

Wills: I leave my locker to Ivy Lee.

Austin Mason

Brags: Went to every pep band sophomore through senior year and placed 1st with the Jazz band in Florida

Will: I leave Carson Putnam full ownership over the drumset in Jazz band and I leave Eric Carlson the lead saxophone chair.

Emily Maynard

Brags: My robotics team won the top award at the World Championships in 2015

Asha McDunn

Brags: Woof, Woof, Woof.

Mitchell McNeil

Brags: I’m in the final edition of the nugget and I won class clown.

Wills: Lower classman will never receive nothing from me. I will leave my charred locker to whoever wins the battle royale.

Zander Mozer

Brags: I never lost a fight against Keair. . .20+ times.

Wills: I leave lane 5 on the track to King Trudeau. Keep the hype lil’ boat.

Kristen Muffick

Brags: Always done my best

Will: I leave my parking spot to Kayden Sysum

Danielle Nelson

Brags: I am finishing with over a 3.9 cumulative GPA.

Wills: I leave my grades to Hunter Pirtle.

Mckenzie Orme

Brags: I’ve fallen in front of the entire school more times then I would have liked. #cheer #ICriedAlot

Wills: I leave Becky Egeline all the success in the world, all my wonderful teachers and amazing memories and fun times.

Tyler Paddoch

Brags: First time I got over 3.0 GPA (Senior Year)

Wills: I leave Jhon Doe or Salley Doe that highschool is a small part of life so go to college and experience life.

Chris Powers

Brags: Student Council treasurer. Never had my phone taken away to the office.

Wills: I would like to leave behind my spot as treasure to Ray Trudeau.

Seth Putnam

Brags: Won 3 state science competitions

Will: I leave the

Jack Racicot

Brags: All of the above

Wills: To any underclassmen, do not date seriously in high school or date at all. Be kind to your peers and treat them how you want to be treated.

Courtney Radke

Brags: President of Spanish Club

Kiara Randall

Brags: I won the Montana Council of Teachers in Montana (MCTM) scholarship

Jacob Ries Roncalli

Brags: I’ve resisted the urge to give Seth Putnam disguised peanut foods.

Wills: I leave Devin Seyler the famous Jazz Band Lego collection.

Erin Sargent

Brags: I didn’t break down in the gym bathroom at all senior year.

Wills: I leave Becky Egeline my favorite bathroom breakdown stall. I leave Anna Carparelli a series of pasta-themed nicknames (ex. Anna Ravioli).

Bret Sautter

Brags: I can get away with almost anything.

Wills: I leave my opinion about this hellish high school to every student to come through this school.

Braden Savage

Brags: Built some very nice furniture in carpentry class

Wills: I leave James Blanchard with my awesomeness.

Kody Schlauch

Brags: I can jump over my head and I mastered the flute. Won best laugh with all my efforts. (Thanks Mom and Dad)

Wills: I will leave my burnt locker in the math hall to Lorelei Keith.

Julius Scott

Brags: I don’t always woo women but when I do I’m as smooth as a criminal ohh!

Wills: I leave the incoming freshman some credits of mine. Good luck with an extra year of math and science!

Emil Schrull

Brags: 2 x Montana high school state champ wrestling

Mathew Shea

Brags: I rode a shopping cart down the front hill freshmen year.

Wills: I leave Brendo Ralph my shopping cart

Karley Snarr

Brags: I made it out alive.

Wills: I leave Garrett Bywater my early morning seminary duties.

Kaiya Steele

Brags: I was the president of the Key Club, a cross country captain, and I bought an icecream maker. Homemade ice cream >>>> store bought

Brandon Stinson

Brags: Only person to receive a concussion in Cross Country History.

Wills: I will the official position of Pope and Subpar saxophone skills to Eric Carlson and my privilege to Nick Pida

Daniel Stockton

Brags: 2015 Intramural Basketball Champion

Wills: They deserve nothing

Porter Struble

Brags: I was a member in the National Award Winning Helena High Jazz Band for 3 years.

Wills: I will Eric Carlson the position of The Director of Band Council Secret Service.

Ryan Swanson

Brags: I made friends my senior year 4th quarter

Daniel Talbert

Brags: Never attended a single school event

Will: All the school work that I won’t have to do! XD

Dustin Tecca

Brags: Summer between Junior and Senior year I was tear gassed.

Luke Thornack

Brags: I started smash at lunch

Wills: I leave my rebellious attitude to Jake Thornack

Julia Tollakson

Brags: I have 3 dollars to my name.

Wills: I leave Emily Tollakson all of my English essays I ever turned in. I leave Dani Wagenman my inability to complete any task without a 15 min breakdown.

Foster Treynor

Brags: I got pepper sprayed once my junior year, that was nifty.

Wills: Don’t make fun of Mahana’s crocs.

Madi Tyson

Brags: I fulfilled my brother, Taylor Tyson’s, legacy.

Wills: I leave Katie Martin my locker.

Lane Ulberg

Brags: I am the spirit of Pep Band.

I leave Chris Bokovoy my range, Gunter Roylance my volume, Nick Prolo my spirit, Carson Putnam my job (potentially), Carmen Porter my brain, Danielle Ulberg my ambition, and the band whatever is left.

India Varma

Brags: I’m in the National Honors Society and survived two high schools.

Jack Waddington

Brags: I never once ate out of the school cafeteria

Wills: I leave all of the lowerclassmen little doodles to look at on their desktops

Dakota Williams

Brags: 4.0 student senior year, never failed a class, and never received a detention or any form of discipline.

Witt Williams

Brags: I’m deaf, so whenever I wanted to see my Nana in the office, I’d say I have to change my “hearing aid battery”. Worked like a charm.

Wills: I give Ellie Soth my locker, and Gavin Anderson my tennis stuff

Ashley Wolfe

Wills: I leave Sami Hill, Rachel Jacovac, Kendall Trettin my love for dance and my dancing skills.

Katarina Webb

Brags: I scared a superior ranking on all three of my solo performances at the State Musical Festival for the past three years.

Wills: I leave Ida (Adi) Rex my 95’ Honda Civic and Mr. Proctors Couch.

Kennedy West

Brags: I’ve sped my entire life and never got pulled over

Callie Wilcock

Brags: I only passed because of my music classes

Wills: To Becky Egeline my hatred of math

Maia Zaluski

Brags: I went on the greatest tour around Oregon in 2016 with Starlighters

Wills: I give my motivation to Bryndon Wilkerson and Isaac Fisher. Bryndon also gets my dopiness

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