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Ask DeQuan? March 2017

DeQuan, Advice Giver

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What’s the meaning of life, the universe and everything?


How is Mr. Pogreba so cool?

Because of his cold heart.

Which is more useful in Dungeon and Dragons,  an athletics check, or an acrobatic check?

Acrobatics and Athletics checks are quite different. Athletics is used for things that are strength based in nature. The big ones are jumping, swimming and climbing. Acrobatics is used for things that require agility and balance (Dexterity based things). The big ones are balancing, negating falling damage and tumbling. So it depends on what you’re looking to improve since they both have the same ability when escaping.

Why the name?

To identify myself with.

How do I start a communist revolution?

How to deal with teachers! Lol you don’t have to!

You start dealing to your left side and then make your way around the table dealing cards to yourself last. It is my advice that you do not gamble with teachers, probably because there is a law but most notably because Mr.Pogreba is a cheat.

How do I dress like Mr. Pogreba?

Buy a blue sweater, blue dress shirt, blue tie, and blue jeans. Like him inside and outside. Blue his house with a blue little window, And a blue Corvette, And everything is blue for him, And himself, and everybody around. Cause he ain’t got nobody to listen. He’s Blue da ba dee da ba daa. Also sometimes he wears a splash of red as highlight color.

Why are Detroit sport teams bad?

They just are.

Does Mike Wasoski wink or blink?

*tries desperately to comes up with a pun for the combination of wink and blink*

How do I walk down the halls without getting stuck behind the slowest person in school?

Be the fastest person in the school.

How do I find inspiration to begin essays?

My strategy is to wait to the last minute and then the due date becomes the only inspiration I need.

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Ask DeQuan? March 2017