Urine Trouble

Pee Seats: The Number One Problem in the Boy’s Bathroom


Declan Rous, Editor

As students returned to school on February 13th they were treated to new restrooms in the recently renovated lower math hall. The male and female bathroom locations switched, creating confusion for many students. One of the oddest things to come out of the renovation was the loss of urinals in the men’s bathroom.

Although a definite first world problem, it did catch the interest of many students both male and female alike. Guys were questioned by female students to make sure that it was true that there are no urinals.

In general, the new bathrooms were met with positive feedback. Students have mixed opinions on the new color scheme that resembles the school’s cardinal red and white colors. They also have new “cool” sinks. As weird as it may seem, the bathrooms became insanely popular and the bathroom of choice for many students.

Mr. Pogreba, an English teacher at Helena High commented, “they’re great, have more privacy. I’m a big fan. Makes me wonder if they could improve the staff bathrooms.”

When asked if he liked the new bathrooms, Straub, a health teacher responded with “Heck yeah!”

One fear of students is the presence of urine on the seat as it is a stereotype that men cannot aim and make a mess when faced with a normal toilet. Straub stated, “I trust that our high school boys can aim appropriately.” Reed White, a sophomore, explained that most guys at the school know the functions of the layered seats and that it’s not really that hard.

Approximately two weeks after the opening of the downstairs bathrooms, the upper math hall bathrooms opened. The newer bathrooms are larger than the downstairs equivalents. The upstairs boys’ bathrooms have been noted to have “wasted space.” This noticeable feature can be found in both girls’ bathrooms as well.

The girls’ bathrooms got an upgrade from four toilets to five toilets, with two of the five being handicapped accessible. The girls’ upstairs bathrooms went from five toilets to six toilets with one of the them being handicapped. Both new boys’ bathrooms feature only four toilets with one being handicapped.

The bathrooms were remodeled due to the fire that struck the school in November. The new bathrooms bring back two crucially located bathrooms that will shorten the walking distance for students in the nearby area. The school is in the last stages of its remodel and has two sets of  contemporary looking bathrooms to prove it.

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