Seeing the Other Side: The East Helena High School Showcase


by:Elizabethaferry from:Pixabay

stock image from pixabay

Jasper Alexander, Writer

Opened in 2019, East Helena High School is home to a growing population of 576 students, according to EHHS Principal Brian Kessler, who cited the number as of December 12, 2023. The school’s environment is quite different from that of Helena High School, the main one being the more modern look the school’s architecture has.  

The school building itself looks huge on the outside, with features such as a giant window, but when you’re on the inside it feels smaller, the main factor being how the halls have more twists and are thinner. Their weight room is also something to behold. While HHS has more equipment than they do, they have newer and more state-of-the-art tech, such as vending machines with pay by card-tap, newer workout equipment, and shiny bathroom facilities. 

A big difference in their classrooms is how, instead of clocks, they have a smart screen in the corner of the room. This displays both the time and the announcements for the day. Additionally, they have a much different bell than we do. While Helena High School is stuck with a dull sounding, electronic bell that is always a minute late to ring, East Helena is blessed with a melodic chime that is also on time. 

The “Vigilantes” school colors of gray and blue were also everywhere. The colors can be found outside, in the halls, the weight room, gym, even in the classrooms. East Helena’s school spirit is certainly unbendable, and that is no easy task to do for a high school. 

According to the EHHS website, there are more than 40 teachers, administrators, and staff members who work at EHHS, including Mr. Dawes Elwood, ninth grade English teacher. When asked why he decided to work at East Helena High School, Elwood said, “East Helena specifically offered the chance to shape a school from its beginning, which was an appealing incentive but turned out to be quite the challenge.”  

The principal, Mr. Brian Kessler, has been in his role for a year since the start of his position back in 2021. Just as any great principal would say, his goals for East Helena High are to “build a strong, positive culture in which everyone [students and staff] feels responsible for being respectful and working hard to graduate high school.” 

We as a community are excited to see what this school can become. It has so much potential to be what the East Helena community needs and more. So, on that ending note, go Vigilantes, but more importantly, GO BENGALS!