Schools Out for Summer


Will Eaton, Writer

The days of the 2021-2022 school year are dwindling down as the heat of the summer months grows closer. As schoolwork has begun to slow and seniors have grown restless, many of Helena High’s students completed a survey on their summer plans.  

Most students have trips planned in the coming months ranging from drives to Montana National Parks, preparation for college in the fall, and even trips outside the country. Ava Quinn (10) has her summer booked with trips planned for Illinois, Utah, California, and the vast Montana wilderness. Madi Lamping (11) has many concerts on her agenda, with a Stevie Nicks concert in late June- make sure to get your dancing shoes on wild winged dove!  

It’s safe to say that most students enjoy summer for the break it provides from all things education. Anna Council (10) speaks for the majority saying, “having some time off from school and getting to hang out with friends and family more” is a highlight of the summer months.   

The free time that comes with summer is also a great period for self-reflection and growth by the time the next school year comes around. Jeri Wilkerson (11) said, “I’m determined to learn some songs on my younger sister’s saxophone, reorganize our bookshelves, and get [an] A in government.” Lilly Nielson (11) hopes to work enough to get a MacBook pro by her senior year. Hadley Scoles (10) wants to crochet a steering wheel cover over the break. Lily Keune (10) said she’s looking forward to finally getting her driver’s license. 

 Now, although a large part of summer is sunshine and bliss, it also has its drawbacks. James Kampen (10) noted the disgust he feels towards summer heat, fires, and smoke in the fall. Annabelle Heune (12) remarked on the bittersweet emotions that will come when she has to say goodbye to her family before college starts and her optimism for the next exciting chapter in her life. Taya Munden (10) is not excited for the boredom and loneliness that will come with summer.  

Aside from trips and fun, many students are taking up summer jobs. Emily McAnally (10) is working at an elementary summer camp, Alyssa Kline (10) is working at R&B’s, the Valley View Drive In Movie, and Rockin the Rivers music festival late summer. Delaine Walter (10) is planning on working at the Touchmark nursing home, where she is currently employed.  

Some students still enjoy education during the summer months. Volleyball, journalism, and theatre camps are only a few of the summer programs students are taking advantage of.  

When asked what the highlight of the school year for students was, a large majority noted the changes from some of the pandemic protocols that hindered certain activities in years past. Alli Christensen (11) said, “the best part of the year was going to football games in the fall for the first time since COVID.” Lyla Hubbs (10) recalled the fact of settling down in Montana after moving was a peak. “I didn’t want to live here so I was scared,” she recalls. “Luckily, I met a good group of friends.” And it’s that sense of belonging and creating new friendships that many view as a high point for the year.  

Congrats to ALL Helena High students for completing yet another year of high school. We were able to return to our new sense of normalcy and start rebuilding a spirited school community again. To our seniors, we wish you a great summer and are excited to see what you will do on this new journey. To the rest of the students, we’ll see you back here in the fall for yet another great year! GO BENGALS