In Our Halls


Jackie Collver, Writer

High school is a time of significant growth. Because of this, most students will face challenging periods during this four-year journey. It is important that students feel supported both in and out of the classroom and learn healthy coping skills for when times get tough.  

To try to find out how students are doing, I interviewed three students: Taya Munden, grade 10, Brooklyn Whiteman, grade 11, and Jordan Spencer, grade 10.  


Q: What is your biggest source of stress right now? 

Munden: Homework, tests. 

Whiteman: School. 

Spencer: School.   


Q: When you get too overwhelmed, what are some ways you destress? 

Munden: Listen to music, and I like to draw. 

Whiteman: Listen to music [and] talk with my parents.  

Spencer: Sleep. 


Q: Who do you go to when you have a problem?  

Munden: My dog Zeake. 

Whiteman: My friends. 

Spencer: My brother.  


Q: What could the school do to help you stay on top of your schoolwork, or help you with other problems? Where do you go if you have a problem at school? 

Munden: Check-ins by counselors. Twice a week would be helpful.  

Whiteman: [I go] to my TLC Lab teacher [and the] counseling center. 

Spencer: Nowhere. 


As the school year continues, it is important to realize that everyone in our halls is going through unique challenges and feeling different emotions. Being considerate to everyone can help others feel better, and it can also make you feel better about yourself. We are all recovering from the rough last year and a half. Kindness and mental health checks are more important now than ever. The counseling center at Helena High is still here to support any student going through a rough time, as are emergency call and text hotlines. If you feel at risk of endangering yourself or others, dial 911 or the national suicide hotline, 988.