Helena’s Climate Warriors

As most of us know, Helena High school offers a list of clubs that students may join. One such club is Green Group, a club that aims to help preserve the environment. The club, which has been running for fifteen years, educates students on how they can be more environmentally friendly. 

“We have been working to help Montana schools get solar panels as a continuation of our SMART Schools project,” Lucy Lantz, Green Group club president, said. For those who do not know what SMART Schools is, it is a friendly competition that Montana schools may take part in. The Prize for winning SMART Schools is $2,000. Last year Green Group won a SMART Schools award and are competing for it again for the topics of renewable energy and upcycling. 

According to Lantz, Green Group is also “participating in a virtual exchange with a school in Japan with a focus on environmental issues.” Apart from these two goals, Green Group’s primary goal is to educate students about our environment so that they can take positive action before they get out of high school.  

Green Goup Vice President Leif Hogg said that he joined the club because of his interest in educating people about environmental issues. “We are all in this together,” Hogg said. Hogg also said that the club is open to everyone and is open to suggestions. 

Green Group’s secretary Mikayla Stafford joined the club because she wants to “help the environment while I’m still in high school.” Stafford says that students should join because “it is important to be a part of change.” 

Green Group is a very inviting and kind community, offering a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to help the environment. Green Group is also a fantastic way to improve leadership skills. The Green Group’s goal of helping the environment is a very noble one, and Helena High School is lucky to have such a club.