First Year and Last Year 

Out with the old in with the new! How do freshmen view their first year of high school compared to how seniors view their last year? It is sad to see your childhood blow away with this last year of high school.  As freshmen enter this fascinating new world known as “HIGH SCHOOL,” they are going to start making precious memories and discover who they are. For the seniors, they know that next year will be about going to new places, meeting new people, and learning to handle the scary yet exciting new freedom that comes with young adulthood.  

Freshman Julian Gilman said he has not noticed a difference between high school and middle school, though he does have a tough time navigating the building. Gilman said he wants to focus on “tech classes to achieve my dream job,” which is to become an auto mechanic.  

Freshmen Andrei Kopotilov said, “I want to focus on my classes more than I did in middle school.” He also stated that he wants to attend Montana State University once they graduate.  

Freshman Haiden Hill said he wants to take welding classes. When Hill graduates, he wants to be a race car driver. 

Though they haven’t noticed a large difference from their last school, many expressed their interest in and excitement about the wider range of classes. And many want to take classes that will help them with their goals in the future.   

Senior Annabelle Heun describes the beginning of her last year of high school as “surreal.” “It feels like because of the last two years of online school time has flown by,” Heun said. Heun added that if she could redo high school, she would “just enjoy the moment.” Although she is not sure what she wants to do after graduation, she knows she wants to attend college to get some form of education in psychology. She may also pursue her passion for music 

Michael Heim, a senior, says that his last year of high school “feels a lot easier than junior year because last year with online learning was chaotic.” Michael said that if he could redo high school, he would focus more on studying because “the grades do make a difference.” After high school Michael wants to attend Western Washington University and use what he learned from high school and build on it in college to eventually turn it into a career. 

No matter your grade level, we are all building memories here at Helena High. Behind the cliques, sports, and homework, whether it’s the beginning of your high school journey or the end of your journey, we are all Bengals.