‘21-‘22 Student Council Administration: A Closer Look


Emmi Highness, Writer

Two weeks ago, Helena High elected Charles Fox and Elinor Goehring as next year’s Student Council President and Vice President, respectively. Although they won’t take office until next year, they shared some of their goals for the future. 


After winning the election Fox expressed gratitude to the student body for trusting him with the responsibility of leading the school next year. Regarding transitioning from this year’s Student Council administration to next year’s, Fox said, “I actually know Grace [Johnson] really well, she’s taking me under her wing and showing me the ropes.” He further said that watching Grace lead the school through a pandemic has been a good learning experience and he thinks it has helped him a lot for next year.  


Fox says his priority will be “to give power back to the people.” Fox feels that student council is currently run by the people in Leadership class rather than the student body as a whole. He wants to change this by giving students more opportunities to share their opinions. Fox suggested the possibility of a monthly lunch gathering where students “can come talk to student council members… to share opinions.”  


Fox will be only a Junior next year and explained that he hasn’t had much experience working with the school administration but is excited to get to work with Mr. Thennis next year and plans to work closely with all the members of the Helena High administration.  


Newly elected vice president, Elinor Goehring also has plans about how student council can help students. She plans on working with the leadership class to help push for more extra credit opportunities and programs from teachers. “This past year we’ve learned that even if students try their hardest, it might not be enough,” Goehring said. She wants to work towards giving all students an even playing field for their education.  


 Similarly, to Fox, Goehring wants to work closely with the students through surveys and Microsoft forms to further student opinion and involvement.  


Although Goehring ran unopposed this year, she still shared thanks for everyone who voted as voting in this election is the first step to more student involvement 


Come August, Helena High will have a new President and Vice President in charge of our Student Council, and it’s safe to say that Helena High is in good hands. With plans to work closely with both students and the administration, Fox and Goehring are hoping to bring more unity and involvement to the students at Helena High School.