Pandemic Prom

Jackie Collver, Writer

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With an already crazy school year, juniors and seniors were worried they would meet the same fate as last year’s juniors and seniors: no prom. 


However, it looks like that won’t be the case thanks to a parent organization that has decided to host a Junior/Senior dance for Helena High and Capital High students at the fairgrounds on May 14th. Neither school is associated with the dance, and news of the event has mainly spread from word of mouth. For more informationvisit the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds website for “A Night Under the Stars.”  


Students must email [email protected] to make a reservation. The last day to make reservationis May 7th. 


Doors will open at 7:30 PM and the dance will end at 11:30PM. These doors will close at 9PM, and reservations will be checked at the door. Once students enter the dance, they cannot leave and re-enter. 


If the health department has not lifted mask mandates by this point, masks will be required. 


With a prom this year, we are one step closer to normalcy!