Pineapple Belongs on Pizza

Jackie Collver, writer

I would like to apologize for any sentiments of irritation or anger readers of this article may experience. I am going to be discussing a topic that may be disturbing to some readers: pizza and pineapple in the same sentence. Read at your own risk.

Pineapple is not my favorite fruit, despite its place on one of my favorite kinds of pizza. This is especially the case when the pineapple is strong, and this was the case the other night when I had Hawaiian for dinner.

I had a disappointing day and needed a lift-me-up. Pineapple and Canadian bacon bakin’ in the oven when I came home was just what I needed.

A couple bites later, though, I noticed the pineapple was stronger than it normally is and wrinkled my nose.

Some readers may be like me – love Hawaiian, until the taste of the pineapple rears its head. Others might hate the idea of fruit on pizza or the idea of tossing fruit in the oven. You are valued and heard, but take into consideration: fruit pies? Same thing. Minus tomato sauce, of course.

With most Hawaiian pizzas, the pineapple can’t even be tasted. After all, Canadian bacon has a powerful presence.

Unless you bite into a piece of pineapple – then you’ll be able to taste it.

But it wasn’t so bad and traumatic for me that I’ll never eat Hawaiian again. If you think you wouldn’t like it but haven’t tried it yet, I highly suggest giving it a chance. Share it with a friend who likes Hawaiian, so if you really don’t like it, it won’t go to waste.