Bath Bomb Bonanza

Jackie Collver, Writer

Over the last couple years, the popularity of bath bombs has skyrocketed. For those ready for a little treat-yo-self spa-day at home to others just looking for a fun experiment, bath bombs have become a popular item for people of all ages. But what is the best kind of bath bomb? Are they worth the hype? 


I’ve used bath bombs before, and I love them. Like many, many people my age, I go to Target on a regular basis to window shop. Their bath bombs (from “Da Bomb”) are fun, and this guide will help you decide which ones to try out. 

I’m going to compare color, smell, fizziness, and the quality of the surprise inside, if there happens to be one.  



Kuai Bomb – Salmon 

This bomb was sure a fun one, but not because of its color necessarily. While the color isn’t as exciting as some of the other bombs, it is a cool and solid color, where most of the others were tye-dye-ish. It dyed the water a pretty pink, and that was neat. However, for the bomb itself, the color wasn’t too impressive. 6/10 ten stars for this one.  


Unicorn Bomb – Multicolor 

This one was exciting! Colored blue, white and pink tye-dyed together, the bomb was certainly unique! It dyed the water an aquamarine color too, which was super pretty! 8/10 stars.  


Glam Bomb – Pink 

Pink and white tye-dyed-ish, this bomb was a pretty one. It also dyed the water pink, and that was pretty! 8/10 stars. 


Flower Bomb – Blue 

This bomb had a bullseye design with pink in the middle and a yellow ring around it. The colors were eye-catching (especially the yellow!), so I was excited to see how this bath bomb would play out. The water was dyed a super bright blue, and that was pretty! 10/10 stars.  


Treasure Bomb – Gold 

Initially, I was terrified to even touch this thing. As I soon learned, any handling of the package would get glitter all over my hands. Well, what was I expecting? This bomb was essentially a ball of glitter.

Don’t panic! The glitter washes off in the bathwater and soon, I was soaking in a pool of golden glitter!  


Here was where I was also kind of nervous. I’m not a fan of glitter – or, at least, on me – so I was freaking out a wee bit. But no worries; I took a shower after, and it washed off fine.  


Plus, the bathwater was beautiful. If Da Bomb ever comes out with different colors for this bomb, I’m going to be all over it.  


Flower bomb: 

This odor was too sweet for me. As you may have guessed from its name, this bomb smelled like flowers. However, it wasn’t pleasant, like the Glam Bomb. Although it was a little overwhelming, at least the smell didn’t linger in the air for too long. 6/10 stars.  


Unicorn bomb: 

The smell here was sweet – a little too sweet, I thought. It was pleasant,, but very strong. Granted, it was a sherbet bath bomb, so that’s what I should have been expecting. 7/10 stars since, even though it was strong, it did smell like sweet tarts, so that was cool. 


Kuai bomb: 

The odor for this bomb was very sweet but not overwhelming. It was strong enough to smell the grapefruit aroma, but not so strong that it burned my nose. It was for sure an interesting odor (why grapefruit, out of all things? Is Kuai known for grapefruits?). I really liked it, and the smell lingered in the air long after the bomb had fizzed out. 8/10 stars.  


Glam bomb: 

This bomb had a very heavy floral odor. This white orchid smell was strong, but I didn’t mind it so much this time. The smell wasn’t as sweet as the Unicorn Bomb and didn’t linger in the air long, so it was bearable to sit through.  9/10 stars. 


Treasure bomb: 

This bomb smelled really good! As its fizz progressed, the very light scent of coconut filled the air. That was exceptionally exciting – coconut is my favorite! The odor wasn’t overwhelming either. 10/10 stars. 




Unicorn bomb: 

The fizz wasn’t terribly impressivethe total fizz time was only a tad more than a minute and a half. Granted, that’s longer than I was expecting since it’s a “fun size” bath bomb, but it’s nothing to write home about. 6/10 stars.  


Flower Bomb: 

The fizz for this bomb was underwhelming, lasting under a minute and a half. It wasn’t loud either. 7/10 stars. 


Treasure Bomb: 

This fizz was loud which, because it’s fun sized, was surprising. It also lasted a decent amount of time – a little over a minute. 8/10 stars. 


Glam Bomb: 

This fizz was impressive! It was loud – louder than the other “fun size” bombs’ fizzes – and lasted over two minutes! Considering that this was a “fun size” bath bomb, that was impressive. So 9/10 stars. 


Kuai bomb: 

Because this bomb was the full-size bath bomb, the fizz was loud and exciting. The total fizz time, in fact, was over 2 and a half minutes! That, for sure, is the longest fizz time of any bath bomb that I have done before and since, so 10/10 stars. 




Flower Bomb: 

This surprise was a little disappointing – just a flower eraser. Although the middle of the flower is a little smiling alien face and the rest of it is cute enough, I’m not so sure how well the eraser will work. But I guess we’ll see how well it functions, and at least it’s useful. For now, 6/10 stars. 


Unicorn bomb: 

The surprise here was nothing special. After the bomb fizzed out, there was a little plastic ball in the middle of the bath bomb. Inside, there was a little rubber unicorn figurine. Even though it’s basically useless, it is cute. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I don’t know why I was surprised. It is, after all, the unicorn bomb. Who knows? Maybe I’ll put my little unicorn friend in my car or something. 7/10 stars. 


Treasure Bomb: 

Surprise, surprisea charm! I’m excited about this one. As you may have guessed, following the treasure theme, the surprise was a little golden key charm. It’s really cute, and I’m excited to put it on my necklace with my other key charm. 8/10 stars. 


Kuai bomb: 

 I was pleasantly surprised here. Like the Unicorn bomb, after the bomb fizzes out, it leaves a little plastic ball. Inside, there was a little pink flower charm! That would explain the rattle I heard when I shook the bomb in the beginning. I’m excited to find a chain for it! 9/10 stars 


Glam bomb: 

When shaken, the surprise rattled inside. Needless to say, I was excited.. When I opened the plastic container after its fizz ended, a looking glass charm lay inside (or lipstick? However you want to look at it). I’m excited to put it on my charm bracelet! 9/10 stars. 




Finding the right bath bomb for you depends on what you are looking for.  

For those who like strong odors, go for the Flower or Unicorn bomb. If you like more subtle scents, try the Glam, Kuai or Treasure bombs. As for color, all of these were pretty, but if you’re looking for an especially good time and don’t mind the possibility of glitter on you, go for the Treasure bomb. If you like loud fizziness, any regular sized bath bomb will do the trick. If that isn’t an option for you, grab the Treasure bomb. Out of all the fun-sized bath bombs, it has the loudest fizz. Go for the Kuai or Glam bombs for longer fizz times. 

Finally, the surprises. All of them were fun for me (well, maybe not the eraser). My favorite is the little unicorn. It’s pretty cute, and smells like the unicorn bomb did. That’s a cool touch to it and, since it’s tiny, it can go anywhere.   

Clearly, not all bath bombs are equal. However, the majority of them are fun way to amplify a traditional bath. As fun as this was and how much I love bath bombs, though, I think I’m going to take showers for a while.