Don’t Panic At “Moral Panic”

Jackie Collver, write

Moral Panic won’t have you panicking.  


Complete with fun guitar riffs, catchy beats and even some viola here and there, Moral Panic is a great album.  


Just like their first album, Nothing But Thieves’ Moral Panic is a jam with heavy rock songs. The album also has a slower song or two thrown in the mix, though, giving it a variety of music styles.   


“Before We Drift Away” and “Free if We Want” are some of these slower songs from the album. “Before We Drift Away” stuck with me the most between these two songs, with pretty viola and piano giving listeners some epic ear candy. 


“Unperson,” “Moral Panic,” “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” and “This Feels like the End” were just some of the heavier songs from the album, with guitar riffs and fast drumbeats giving us a heavy rock vibe. These add more life to the album, giving it a catchy alternative rock style. “Moral Panic” was one of my favorites from the album, with an especially catchy guitar riff.  


“Can You Afford to be an Individual?” is another rock song from the album. It is a bit stranger than the other songs, though. The bridge was a little weird, with vocalist Conor Mason mumbling something incomprehensible. With angry lyrics and guitar, it was also super different from the softer track before it, “There Was Sun.” But the lyrics were powerful, and it served as a terrific “diss” track of…well…basically everybody.  


Even though it was a great album, Moral Panic was similar to Nothing But Thieves’ first album in the way that the songs should have been ordered differently. It’s hard to appreciate the heavier rock songs when they come after a slow song, and vice versa. This was especially the case with “This Feels Like the End” and “Free If We Want It.” Despite this little issue though, it was a spectacular album, packed with powerful lyrics and guitar. If your jam is anything rock alternative, you should give this album a listen.