Remi Wolf, an Upcoming Star


Spencer Nelson, Writer

The underground pop EP released in the summer of 2020 by Remi Wolf, I’m Allergic to Dogs, is outstanding. Wolf’s most popular song “Photo ID” hasn’t come close to breaking a million views. Her vocals are so unique and unheard of, she is destined to become a popstar. This EP is just as much of a pop album as it is funk. I would say on some levels it crosses over into the experimental pop genre. However, it should be known that I’m Allergic to Dogs is explicit, unlike what you hear on 102.3. One of the best parts about this project is the pure effort in the instrumentation, it’s alive. Its unlike anything out there. 

Wolf hooks you with the first track on the EP, “Down The Line”. It gives you a taste of that rhythmic funk guitar that stays prevalent throughout the EP. It immerses you in groove right off the bat. The drums have so much depth. It compliments the great bassline perfectly. There are so many intricate details that go into the producing of this album, one of them being Wolf’s amazing background harmonies. However, the best part about this song is the unforgettable chorus, “On and on and on I’m guessing, pushing it off just keeps me stressing. So on and on and on I’m saying, not right now, but maybe down the line.”  

The third track, “Hello Hello Hello” is an absolute banger. It starts with this odd chord progression backed by a samba groove, something far from a pop song. Like usual, she starts the song off with a vocal melody that sounds off along with the weird instrumentals. She doesn’t keep you in this awkward feeling for long though. When the beat kicks in, its inevitable, you will bop your head back and forth to the tempo. The best part about the beat is that it keeps the samba groove under the main beat. It has one of the most gangster feels to it, yet it’s also a pop song. The 808 line in this track brings it to life, it makes the song a banger. However, it wouldn’t be as good as it is without Wolf’s rhythmical feel on the repetitive, yet catchy hook. This song has so many genres in one, and it makes it a masterpiece.  

The last song on the EP, “Disco Man” gives vibes like when Spiderman is walking down the street dancing in New York. It might be the most groovey song on the project. Wolf is the one that gives life to this one though. She has numerous vocal layers throughout the whole song that will blow you away. “Disco Man” showcases Wolf’s vocal talent entirely. The chorus of the song is just uplifting, its happy, and it’s resolved. It’s a perfect song to end the project. You can feel her soul on this track. It’s the definition of good vibes, something everybody needs right now.  

Major props to Remi Wolf for also producing the tracks. She killed it on numerous levels. I give “I’m Allergic to Dogs” a 10/10. Its pure, raw talent, showcased in many forms. Its uniqueness alone will blow up. If you have the time, seriously check her out. 

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