Coming Back To School

Paradox 56

Spencer Nelson, Writer

As we all know, it is likely that school will not start until next year due to this stupid virus, but even when we come back, things probably won’t be the same. As weird as it is, we will have to take precautions for this virus even in the 2020-2021 school year to stop a second wave from happening. For all students looking at another year in the public school system, you might want to look at what could possibly change.

First of all, schools are looking to make more of an effort to maintain good hygiene. Schools around the nation are dropping the hammer on making sure you wash your hands and take other sanitary precautions before entering the building. In addition to this, social distancing will still be a thing. Going from staying six feet apart to only five people allowed on the playground at a time, the social distancing aspect might remain alive for years to come.

To prevent high attendance rates, the schedules for people to go to school may drastically change. For example, one group of students may be scheduled to go to school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the other groups attend on Tuesday and Thursday. They would alternate off every other week to ensure that they all attend the same amount of days. Although this seems like pretty drastic measures, it may be necessary for the upcoming school year.

Some parents aren’t very fond of the idea of bringing their kids back to school, so some might elect to keep them home. For this reason attendance policies will most likely change to become more lenient. Some schools are thinking about having online school still be available for the kids that decide to stay home. Although this would be very challenging considering that teachers might need to teach online and physical school sessions and personally, I don’t think that the schools have enough resources to do this.

This Covid-19 bull crap has become crazier than anyone could have imagined. Who knew that a worldwide pandemic would shut the world down to the point that schools aren’t even in operation? The only thing we can do now is keep our heads up and keep fighting. There is no way in hell that this thing lasts forever right? The human race can beat the Coronavirus if we keep strong in our efforts to prevent it. 


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