Students In Quarantine

The big topic everyone is talking about right now is obviously COVID-19. I’m sure a lot of people are wondering how their fellow classmates are doing with the stay-at-home order, so I interviewed several people to ask them how they’re dealing with quarantine. Mady Grove, a senior at Helena High, said, “I kind of like it. However, it is very difficult to motivate yourself to stay on top of school work.” 

Another senior at Helena High, Sammie Plaster, said, “It’s somewhat nice because I have a lot of time to myself and to get things done. The extra time with family is also nice, but it’s really boring because there isn’t a whole lot you can do and it makes me want to plan a big exciting trip when it is over.”

Sophomores Rachel Plaster and Carly Ryan both said that it has been tough for them because they don’t get to compete in spring sports which they had been preparing for for several months. However they admit there are some advantages to the quarantine. Ryan said, “The lockdown has been a really great opportunity to get things done that I otherwise wouldn’t have, as well as spend more time outside.”

I also spoke with several former Helena High graduates to find out how the stay-at-home orders are impacting college students. Sara Girard, now a freshman at Montana State University, said, “I struggle to learn online, and my sleep schedule is the worst it has ever been.” 

It can be very difficult for most students to learn through a computer screen. Current freshman at MSU, Kali Anderson said, “I am extremely bored, and it is so difficult to do online school.” 

This experience has challenged us all to learn in a different way than we have been our entire lives. Some students feel they have more time to accomplish their schoolwork while others find it difficult to motivate themselves. Hopefully, learning through a screen may be able to strengthen us as students. 

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