The Wilderness Awaits

20th Century Studios


One benefit of this crazy time is that new movies that would normally still be in theaters are being released for rent on streaming services. My family decided to have a moving night, renting Call of The Wild, an adventure film based on Jack London’s book published in 1903. It was released on February 21st and is directed by Chris Sanders. The movie is very enjoyable because it is very cute and charming. Along with key actor Harrison Ford, the movie features animated animals that look so real and fit in with the scenery and actors.

The movie starts out at a beautiful home in California with Buck, a kind-hearted dog getting taken from his home and transported to Alaska during the gold rush in the 1980s. He begins his journey as a sled dog, delivering mail all over Alaska. He encounters several hardships but always finds a solution. John Thornton , played by Harrison Ford, looks out for Buck throughout his journey and ends up saving him from an evil man with bad intentions, played by Dan Stevens, for the sled dogs. Buck then goes on living with Thornton,  and they leave for a big journey across the Yukon. 

The setting of the film, Alaska during the 1890s, is very unique. The set designers recreate a believable frontier town and the film features beautiful scenery with snowy mountains and forests.  I also really liked seeing the costumes because they showed what people wore in the area during that time and what they wore to stay warm while delivering mail via sled dog. 

I really enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend this movie to families, especially during this hard time. It lifted my mood and was very entertaining. I would rate the movie five out of five stars because it had every component a great movie should have.

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