UPDATE: Quarantine for HHS Teachers


Nenad Stojkovic


Spencer Nelson, Writer

Here in Helena MT, almost everyone has been in quarantine for roughly 3 to 4 weeks. As demoralizing as it can be, people have been doing things to get around it. From walking the dog or watching countless hours of Netflix, this is what the teachers of HHS have been doing during this weird time.

Mac Johnson, a history teacher, has actually seen some good things come out of quarantine. He’s been able to spend good time with his sons, who have been gone due to college and Naval academy. “I enjoy cooking, so it’s been fun having both of them to cook for.” It also seems like he’s enjoying all the time he has on his hands. “I have had way too much time to watch things like The Tiger King. I also watched Band of Brothers and Pacific too,” Johnson said. Johnson also thought that there could be a good side to online schooling. He understands that not all students have access to good technology, so he’s been sure to not overwhelm anyone with work. “Perhaps one of the good things that could come out of this is that good internet access for everyone becomes an expectation instead of one more disparity between social classes,” said Johnson.

Another teacher, Julie Ladd, has a completely different take on this whole quarantine and online school situation. It seems that online schooling has really got to her. She still manages to stay positive thankfully, but she is pretty stressed out. “All I do is work…seriously! My husband is worried about me.” “I have not slept well at all…too worried about school and people I know whose relatives are dying of Coronavirus.” It is definitely worth mentioning that she isn’t very familiar with technology, which is a huge stress factor, considering that’s all she can use. “Because I am SO technologically illiterate, I have spent WAAAAAAY too much time with a computer in front of me learning how to navigate this new world!” Although she is stressed, she still maintains a positive mindset and keeps her hopes up for the end of this virus. “I believe we are starting to see the flattening in New York now. I think we’ll see it here in a couple of weeks…I hope!”

The biggest thing to take away from all of this is that the virus is affecting everyone differently. Make sure to be respectful and aware of everyone’s situation. By staying home, we are all contributing to the termination of COVID-19. All we have to do is have faith and stay strong and the Coronavirus will retreat with its tail in between its legs.

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