Time Travel Through the School Years 

Sitting here at 7:25 am in government class, listening to a lecture and trying not to fall asleep, I suddenly remember how easy life was in kindergarten. Twelve years ago I sat in my bright red chair at my red circle table with crayons and scissors in hand; the only job I had to worry about was making sure I stayed in the lines!  Over in the corner Tommy and Johnny fight over a toy. In the other corner I see Sally crying about how much she misses her mommy. We practice marching in line to recess and learning how to share. Learning new things is fun and exciting. 

It seems like only a short flash of time later, I’m in middle school. I am older and think I know it all! Bells ring constantly, locker doors slam, and students travel through the halls like cars on the highway. Boys and girls try to figure out what this thing called dating is. Drama fills the halls. Classes are more interesting but my backpack keeps getting heavier and heavier as time goes by.

 With a BANG, I am a highschooler. Being a freshman is scary, sophomore year goes better, junior year is testing, testing and more testing, and senior year is the light at the end of the tunnel. Still sitting at my desk in government class, I am bumped by Matt and awake suddenly to realize I missed the lecture and all those long years have blurred together. I have my whole future to look forward to!