Blossom, a True Masterpiece


Spencer Nelson, Writer

Milky Chance’s second studio album, Blossom, is a true masterpiece. With hits like “Firebird”, “Blossom”, and “Ego”, it’s easy to fall in love with this album. The vocal harmonies, danceable grooves, and catchy choruses make this album stand out from their other works. 

The album’s titular track, “Blossom”, features an acoustic guitar playing simple chords that are perfectly accompanied by the guitarist Antonio Greger’s lycks. It creates a great groove to kick off the album. On top of the epic instrumentals, Clemen Rehbein’s vocals really pull the song together. He sings about a special someone that needs to blossom out, or be themselves. As always, you can feel his emotion every time he sings. However, the chorus in this song sounds angelic with the background vocals that blend with Rehbein’s singing. It’s undeniably one of the best songs on the album.

The next track, “Ego” is arguably the most danceable song on the album. The four on the floor, catchy chorus, and great bassline all meld together to make a groove that will get you on your feet. “Ego” is one of Milky Chance’s most popular songs and it deservedly so. The chorus is just too catchy for it not to be popular. I would say the highlight on this track is the drums. Sebastian Schmidt’s alteration of a classic disco beat really adds a great touch to the song. It wouldn’t be the same without the perfectly spaced hi-hat barks and its complementary snare pattern. It all comes together to create one of their most poppy songs ever.

The third track, “Firebird”, is when Milky Chance really shows off their songwriting skills. The slower groove on this song mixed with amazing lead vocals make it a very soulful, song. This is definitely one of their sing-along songs, considering the chorus is simply “You’re like a Firebird.” On top of this, the guitar solo that Rehbein plays on this song is groovy as all hell. I don’t know how they do it, but they make the perfect compromise between staying the same but also changing it up. They keep just the right amount of their iconic formula but change it up enough to where it doesn’t sound the same. 

The next track, “Doing Good” is similar to “Firebird” in terms of a slower groove and repetitive chorus, but the drums are so good. Schmidt has a drum beat that is more busy than most of their other songs because he includes a tom groove to give this song a bigger punch. He only includes the toms in certain parts of the song, but once again, he masters the space on when he does and doesn’t include them. In addition, the chorus could improve anyone’s  state of mind. To say the least, it’s an absolute vibe when he sings the iconic chorus, “I’m doin so good.”

The best song on the album clocks in on the 6th track. “Cold Blue Rain” is Milky Chance’s most soulful song ever created. Rehbein’s vocals on this song can blow you away in an instant. The music emphasizes his lyrics perfectly with its flawless phrasing. Greger plays something that sounds like a harmonica but isn’t one. I can’t tell exactly what it is but it adds an unforgettable melody that sounds glorious. Also, Greger’s guitar riffs on this song are amazing, making this song legendary. It’s the perfect blend between reggae and pop and it’s so passionate that I could listen to it a million times on loop. This song is truly flawless.

Overall, Blossom, by Milky Chance is a great album. It is worth mentioning that they did a bunch of acoustic versions of their songs that are definitely worth checking out. I recommend this album to anyone who has only heard “Stolen Dance” on the radio or reggae fans that are looking for a poppy touch. I rate this album 8/10. Milky Chance has an even brighter future ahead of them and they’ll keep fans on their toes for what’s next.

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