Just Keep Swimming Swimming

Spencer Nelson, Writer

Robert Wagner, a tall, athletic junior at HHS, has a bright future ahead of him. His solid work ethic and strict schedule keep him busy throughout the school year. Wagner is looking to continue his future in athletics, but he also has an interest in the automobile industry. Wagner’s favorite class is Autotech, which could lead him to a high paying job in the future. Whatever path he chooses, he will come out on top of the world.

One of Wagner’s biggest passions in life is swimming. He began swimming in the second grade, summing up to 9 years of swimming. Wagner has broken numerous state records for club and high school swimming. It’s easy to say that he is an untamable beast in the pool. “In terms of high school, I’ve set the 100 yard butterfly and the 100 yard backstroke record. I believe we have the record in all of the relays that we have. In terms of records for club, I have numerous because in club they go by age groups, like 13-14, 15-16, where as in highschool it’s just one big thing,” Wagner said. 

In his last meet, his team took first in the 400 yard freestyle relay. He also took first in the 500 yard freestyle and second in the 100 yard backstroke. To reach all of these astounding accomplishments takes a lot of practice. Wagner swims everyday, Monday through Friday, and occasionally Saturday from 5:45 to 7:30am. This past summer, he swam twice a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. “I’m a cardio junkie,” Wagner said.

On top of swimming, Wagner does many other physical activities that utilize Montana’s great outdoors. He goes mountain biking, dirt biking, running, or practically anything that can send his heart rate through the roof. Wagner always strives for being in peak physical condition so he can demolish his swimming competitors. On top of this, Wagner has been hitting the weight room, so it’s easy to say that he’s going to be hard to beat in these upcoming club meets.

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