Performance Square Update


Megan Walsh

Spank, a rock band made up of Helena High students, performs in the fall Quadratum Music Festival at Performance Square in downtown Helena.

A few weeks ago, the Helena IR released an article regarding numerous properties soon to be sold by the city commision because of their underutilization. Of all the properties included, Performance Square is one of them. Performance Square is a small stage downtown in the walking mall that the general public has access to. Performance Square also hosts a biannual music festival. The Quadratum music festival’s main goal is to give students all around the Helena community the opportunity to express their artistic ability.  

Thankfully, the IR’s article was proven incorrect by a member in the city commision, Heather OLoughlin. In her reply regarding the fate of Performance Square, she said “there has been no decisions to sell any of the properties that were presented, including Performance Square.  Any decisions by the Commission to move forward with declaring property ‘surplus property’ would require a public hearing, and we would want to hear from the community.” Basically, the 26 properties were only proposed to be sold, and nothing will be decided without community input. In addition to this, the assistant to the city manager, Amanda Opitz, confirmed that the park will not be sold anytime soon. “The article that the Independent Record recently published related to the selling of City properties was incorrect. The City Commission may or may not be interested in selling any of the properties on that list.”

Hopefully this news update should ease the fears of all who value and use these “underutilized” properties. These parks and recreational spaces are what make the little town of Helena, Montana unique. More importantly, the Quadratum music festival on May 29th will still be held at Performance Square, giving opportunities to musicians all around the Helena community.

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