High Tide In The Snakes Nest


The iconic rap duo, $uicideboy$, has been making the darkest hip hop for ages. They completely reinvented the definition of edgy with their suicidal lyrics and twisted triplet flows. In 2015, they released the album High Tide In The Snake’s Nest, which was a success because of the hit song “Mount Sanai”. The album has plenty of other songs that stick to the $uicideboy$ formula to create absolute bangers. 

The first track, “DIEMONDS” is the best track on the album by far. It’s ambient synth sounds and banging 808’s create a masterpiece of a beat. The $uicideboy$ are known for being the kings of spacey beats, but this song is miles in front of anything they’ve ever created. The lyrics include some of the most disturbing messages on the album. The first verse explains the feelings and atmosphere of a night of justifying suicide or attempting it. “What I hate most in this life is a long night. 4 walls and no calls and no lights but the moonlight. Creeping through the blinds ceiling fan high spinning I’m beginning to believe that tonight is the night.” He sings this verse with a monotonal passion that will give you chills once you understand what he is saying. $uicideboy$ import their creative flow on this song, keeping you hooked until the end.

The next track, “Ugly” is an absolute banger. The rythm correlates perfectly with the simple, yet unsettling melody of a repetitive quarter note synth. Once the beat kicks in, it sends you soaring into a totally different state of mind. The flow on the song will hook you the second you hear it. “Ugly” may not be for everybody, but it is a gem in the dark hip hop genre. 

The third track on the album, “$outh $ide $uicide” switches everything up a little bit. Some elements of the song that are similar to other songs on the album but has a faster groove with straight 8ths on the high hat, which is unusual for $uicideboy$. There’s also an unnamed feature on this track; whoever he is, he did a good job on his verse to wrap up the song.

Overall, I would say that this is one of $uicideboy$’s better albums. It has some solid tracks that stick to the formula that blew them up. I would rate this album 7/10 and recommend it to people who enjoy hip hop but are looking for something with darker themes. High Tide In The Snake’s Nest is definitely one of the most dark albums to ever come out of the hip hop industry.

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