Barkley Keeps Barking

Spencer Nelson, Writer

Rory Barkley, a junior at HHS, is looking forward to what comes next. While he has a pretty simplistic lifestyle at the moment, his future is looking bright. You may have seen him in the hallways or in student council; his friendly attitude is hard to miss. Barkley enjoys his place in HHS and thinks it’s a good learning environment. 

After high school, Barkley plans on going to college at MSU to possibly study business or business management. Considering his dream job would be owning an exotic car dealership, a business degree would serve him well. After graduating college, he plans on joining the Air Force to make a living while still striving to find a career in the automobile industry. “Anything with automobiles would be my dream job,” Barkley said. Barkley’s true passion in life is cars and is obvious to anyone who meets him. Luckily for him, he recently quit his Cinemark job and now details cars. “I get to drive 2020 cars. I get to go and fill them up, like brand new, they have like 1 mile on them when I first get in them. Then I drive them back and clean them,” Barkley said. 

Besides his academic and work life, Barkley enjoys chilling out at home and playing Xbox. He likes playing games like GTAV, Forza Horizon 4, and Call of Duty. However, during the spring, Barkley invests most of his time into lacrosse. Barkley has been playing lacrosse with the Huskies and the Guardians for 8 years and he is looking forward to adding at least one more year to his tally.  

Overall, Barkley’s a great friend, a hard worker, and more importantly, one of the coolest students to ever walk the grounds of HHS.

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