Rich the Kid Releases a Sequel

Connor Casne-Jones, Head Writer

Released March 22nd, The World Is Yours 2 picks up exactly where Rich the Kid’s debut album The World Is Yours left off. Both albums are a joy to listen to and have plenty of songs that fans will be listening to for years. “The World Is Yours” was certified gold in June of 2018 and its most successful song “plug walk” peaked at number 13 on the billboard top 100 songs.

The album begins with one of the catchier intros I’ve ever heard. The intro compares Rich’s life before the money to his life now as a millionaire rap star. From there we slide into the first banger of the album, “Slide.” Slide is probably the 2nd best song on this album that does not include a feature of any kind. Not to break stride, the album immediately follows with its lead single “Splashin.” This song also doesn’t include a feature, but I personally like “Slide” better. “Splashin” was originally released in December of 2018; the beat was pretty good but I feel the song would have benefited from a feature as the song loses all momentum about half way through. I typically skip the second half of this song.

From here the album truly hits its stride. The next song is “Fall Threw.” Lyrically this song is not great, but the recorder playing throughout the song, will keep you listening until the end. With features from both Young Thug and Gunna, it’s certainly an entertaining song if not the most lyrically impressive. After “Fall Threw,” I found myself craving more recorder. Fortunately, Rich delivered with “Save That” another recorder heavy song this time without any features and better for it honestly. After back to back recorder heavy beats the novelty has worn off.

Then comes the climax of the album, some albums climax with one song. In this album it lasts 5 songs . “Two cups” is a party song from start to finish; it is a fast, angry beat that benefits from both Big Sean and Offset killing their respective verses. “Racks today” is without a doubt the best song that does not include a feature. Lyrically it’s some of Riches best work; it’s quick, clever, and just the right amount of chill. Rich the Kid then completely changes pace in “Woah”, my personal favorite song on the album. It features Miguel & Ty Dolla $ign, and is unlike any other song on the album. Rich is bold enough to slow it down and jive during the climax of his album. After a slower song Rich does what Rich does best: a party song with a catchy chorus in “Tic Toc.” The song features Tory Lanez, but this song is truly Rich The Kid’s. The climax comes to a close with “Wrong Thing” featuring NAV. The song features a hard trap style beat, which NAV absolutely crushes, but Rich is not great on that style of beat. 

The World Is Yours 2 is a great sequel to a great album. Rich the Kid had 14 features in 16 songs, garnering criticism among reviewers. The complaint being that the albums best moments aren’t Rich the Kid’s. However, the album is a joy to listen too, even if it does have too many features. The album is solid overall and I would give it a 7.5 out of 10; it just needed a couple of hit singles to push it into that elite group of albums that the World is Yours is a definite member of. If Rich the Kid is able to continue releasing albums of this quality, he could enter the conversation of the greatest rappers of this generation.